Czechia Introduces New Work Portal to Attract Experts in Technological Fields

Authorities in Czechia have launched a new portal called Work in Czechia in order to attract foreign experts and further support the labour market with qualified people.

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The decision follows similar examples by Scandinavian agencies that are in charge of such activities, Schengen.News reports.

Through a statement, the website has confirmed that Czechia has joined the list of European countries that are already seeking to attract experts in technological fields.

The website works in Czechia.EU provides foreign talents with a comprehensive overview of life and employment in our country. They can find all the necessary information on it – from details on visas and immigration to tips on cultural activities.

CEO of the CzechInvest agency, Jan Michal

The new platform offers various opportunities, especially in the field of technology, while offering advice on how to go through the visa process.

The website emphasises that Czechia’s labour market offers a diverse range of industries offering foreign workers opportunities for both career growth and personal fulfilment.

With an impressive network of local and multinational companies, as well as innovative startups, we invite you to make your mark on an economy that welcomes your expertise and aspirations.

Workinczechia website

EU Began Initiatives to Skill 1 Million People in Tech Fields Within 3 Years

In 2022, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) introduced the Deep Tech Talent Initiative with the goal to skill one million people in deep tech fields by 2025.

The EIT initiative aims to address the talent gap by creating a strong deep tech talent pool across Europe.

In order to achieve this goal, EIT will offer deep tech courses to develop and scale new or existing materials in deep tech.

Significant Increase in Number of International Workers in Czechia

Similar to other EU countries, Czechia is also dealing with labour shortages. According to a survey from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), labour shortages have prompted Czech employers to look for workers from other countries.

The number of foreign workers in Czechia increased by nearly 30,700 last year, reaching more than 823,900 in December 2023, or 2.5 times more compared to the statistics from the end of 2015, according to the statistics from the Labor Office. The same source notes that the majority of them are nationals from Ukraine.

Based on the figures from the Czech Statistical Office (CSU), in the first three quarters of last year, a total of 4.23 million workers in Czechia were registered.

In addition, at the end of last year, labour offices registered a total of 823,945 international workers of whom just under 409,800 were from EU countries.