Denmark to Introduce New Residence Permit Scheme for Expatriate Danes’ Family Members

Denmark has decided to facilitate residency rules for accompanying family members to returning expatriate Danes with specific work-related experience.

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The new rules are set to enter into force on July 1, 2024, the Danish migration authorities have revealed. This implies that Danish citizens who live overseas and intend to return to Denmark for employment purposes can bring their foreign family members as well, SchengenNews reports.

To qualify for this new scheme, the expatriate Danish citizen must have entered or have a job offer in Denmark, which, if the Danish citizen had been a foreign national, might result in a residence permit after one of the following work schemes:

  • The Positive Lists
  • The Pay Limit Schemes
  • Researcher
  • Special individual qualifications
  • Herdsmen and farm managers
  • The Fast Track Scheme’s pay limit track, supplementary pay limit track, researcher track, and educational track

The Danish expatriate may also have an innovative business plan with the intention of running or continuing to run a self-employment business or running a business through a Danish branch of a foreign self-employment business in Denmark, which could result in a residence permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme., Danish migration website

Denmark Announced New Policies Concerning Foreign Healthcare Workers

Prior to this move, Denmark has also announced new changes regarding foreign labour in the healthcare sector.

Under these new rules, which are expected to take effect on July 1, social and healthcare workers will be added to the Positive List for Skilled Workers, with a quota of 1,000 residence and work permits.

Among other changes, authorities have announced an expansion of the authorisation scheme, allowing demanded healthcare experts to obtain a residence permit to get a Danish authorisation.

Furthermore, residence permit holders under the authorisation scheme will no longer be required to obtain work permits. Therefore, they do not have to apply for a separate work permit if they intend to work in Denmark during their authorisation stay.

Additionally, Denmark has decided to renew residence permits for international students pursuing professions facing shortages. After completing their studies, they will be able to stay in Denmark for up to six months and look for employment.

Among other things, authorities took such a measure in a bid to retain foreign talent in the country.