Eid Al Adha: A guide for passengers during peak travel time

Dubai Police advise passengers to carefully follow security guidelines to ensure safe and smooth travel.
Image Credit: Dubai Airport

Dubai: Planning a trip through Dubai Airport? Avoid last-minute hassles by familiarising yourself with their security guidelines.

Dubai Airport Security Police have issued an updated travel advisory to ensure safe travel for all passengers.

Brigadier Hamouda Balsuwaida Al Ameri, Director of the General Department of Airport Security at Dubai Police, advises travellers to familiarise themselves with the guidelines before their flight.

He said that Dubai prioritises passenger safety, so regulations exist for items allowed in your carry-on luggage. “By understanding these rules, you can ensure a smooth and efficient security check,” he added.

Top Tips for a seamless security experience

Following security protocols demonstrates trust in the staff and ultimately safeguards everyone. Here’s how to make your experience a breeze:

• Minimise Metal: Opt for minimal metal accessories. Remove them before inspection and place them in the designated tray.

• Pack Smart for Electronics: Carry no more than the permitted 15 mobile phones in their original packaging. Leaving them unpackaged risks confiscation due to lithium battery concerns.

• Liquids: Limit liquids in your carry-on to containers of 100ml or less, if necessary.

• Banned Items: Sharp objects, lighters, flammable materials, and toy weapons are strictly prohibited in your carry-on.

• Minimise Congestion: Limit the number of people accompanying you to the airport to avoid crowding.

• Unattended Luggage: Leaving your luggage unattended is a security breach. Keep it with you at all times.

• Helping Others: Avoid carrying bags for unfamiliar individuals. You could unknowingly become involved in smuggling.

• Medical Needs: If you have prescribed medications or implanted medical devices, have the prescription readily available on request.

• Luggage: Do not leave your luggage unattended for any reason to comply with international laws and regulations.

• Avoid carrying bags for unknown individuals to prevent potential involvement in smuggling illegal or hazardous materials, leading to legal consequences.

• — If carrying medications, ensure they are accompanied by a prescription and be prepared to present it upon request.

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Weather Considerations

During unpredictable weather, your safe arrival remains our top priority.

• Follow Instructions: Heed the guidance of security personnel on the roads leading to and around the airport.

• Arrive Early: Give yourself ample time (at least 3 hours) to avoid missing your flight due to last-minute delays or the urge to speed.

• Farewell Logistics: Minimise goodbyes with well-wishers at the airport to maintain smooth traffic flow.