Chinese Became 2nd Largest Nationality of Germany Schengen Visa Applicants in 2023

Germany has received 1.4 million Schengen visa applications in 2023 – 40 per cent more than in the previous year.

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As data from Schengen Visa Statistics reveal, the top ten nationalities that applied the most for Germany Schengen visas have remained more or less the same as in 2022 – Turkish nationals continue leading the list while this year, Chinese visa applicants marked a robust comeback, Schengen.News reports.

These are the top ten countries where most Schengen visa applications to Germany came from in 2023:

  1. Türkiye was the country of origin for 253,462 visa applications for the Germany Schengen Visa
  2. China (160,479)
  3. India (132,825)
  4. Kosovo (64,965)
  5. Belarus (52,301)
  6. Egypt (46,991)
  7. Kazakhstan (45,701)
  8. Thailand (40,877)
  9. Saudi Arabia (38,111)
  10. Kuwait (35,611)

Visa Requests by Chinese to Germany Were 10 Times Higher Than in 2022

Chinese applicants filed 160,479 visa applications to Germany in 2023, while in 2022, China was the country of origin for only 12,917 visa requests.

These changes have caused Chinese applicants to become the second nationality with most visa requests to Germany, falling only behind Türkiye.

The main reason for high application rates from Chinese applicants is the large population of China (1.4 billion) as well as the pent-up demand for travel to the EU, which derives from the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. In general, 2023 was characterised by an increased interest of Chinese nationals to travel to Europe.

Germany had the highest approval rates for Chinese applicants in 2023. This means that the country was highly likely to approve a visa application filed by a Chinese national. Around 97.1 per cent of visa requests – or 155,000 out of 160,000 visa applications were approved.

Germany Granted Most Visas to Belarus Applicants in 2023

Germany has increased in popularity among Belarus Schengen visa applicants, as the number of visa requests in 2023 was up by 91 per cent.

Belarusians were the fifth nationality group with the most visa applications to Germany. Out of 52,300 visa applications filed by Belarusians, Germany granted 51,800.

On the same note, Germany approved most visas to Belarusian nationals for the year, as 99.1 per cent of visa applications received a positive response. After Hong Kong, Belarus had the highest approval rates.

Russians Filed 60.5% Fewer Visa Applications to Germany in 2023

Russians have been the fourth-largest nationality group with the most visa applications to Germany in 2022. However, due to sanctions by the EU which have impacted Russians’ free movement, visa application rates in 2023 have plummeted.

From nearly 50,000 visa applications filed in 2022, this number dropped to 19,000 in 2023. Despite that, approval rates have remained quite similar – 78.5 per cent of visa requests filed by Russians were approved in 2023.