Finland to Automatically Monitor Specialists’ Residence Permits

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) has introduced an automated post-decision monitoring system monitoring specialists’ residence permits as of June 17, 2024.

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The new system aims to check whether people still meet the needed requirements for the residence permit that they have been granted, Schengen.News reports.

Through a statement, Migri announced that the new system will apply to all residence permits for specialists issued on or after January 1, 2023.

Migri also notes that a residence permit for a specialist is granted to those arriving in Finland for work purposes in duties that require special expertise while meeting all the needed conditions.

At the same time, post-decision monitoring will be focused on the essential requirements for the permit. The Finnish Immigration Service will verify whether the specialist has been paid a salary that meets the needed income requirement, for example.

Automation makes the process of issuing a residence permit for a specialist more seamless and enables us to detect misuse more efficiently. Post-decision monitoring gives us information that we can utilize to streamline the processing of the permits.

Director of Permit and Citizenship Department, Pauliina Helminen

Authorities in Finland have stressed that the Finnish Immigration Service has conducted post-decision monitoring since 2017. At present the system is being used to monitor the permits of students as well as startup entrepreneurs. Following the new changes, the system now also monitors work-based residence permits, as part of the Government’s action plan against labor exploitation.

New Automated Post-Decision System for Startup Entrepreneurs

Earlier this year, Finnish authorities emphasized that after January 2024, all those who have obtained residence permits would have their documents monitored as of April 24, as a result of the launch of a post-decision monitoring system.

Back then, the Director of the Permit and Citizenship Department, Pauliina Helminen considered the system very important.

Post-decision monitoring is an important tool in ensuring internal security, preventing misuse of the permit system and preventing illegal entry into Finland and illegal residence here. Post-decision monitoring will also help us detect labor exploitation and human trafficking.

Pauliina Helminen, Director of Permit and Nationality Unit

Authorities in Finland also warned that if the needed conditions are not met by residence permit holders, authorities can consider withdrawing the document, which then is accessed by the Finnish Immigration Service.