German Police Detects Irregular Entries & Visa Fraud in Light of European Championship

The Federal Police has detected 1,400 irregular border entries and some 900 people have been caught trying to cross the border to Germany between June 7 and 13. 

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Nancy Faeser, the German Interior Minister confirmed the news for local media and also revealed that 173 arrest warrants have been issued, Schengen.News reports. 

The European championship where the football national teams of each country in Europe meet to compete for the title has attracted millions of fans. However, during this period Germany is prepared to address any irregularities and attempts to enter the country, with one of the measures being closing the internal borders with Schengen countries.

During the temporary controls I ordered at all German borders, the Federal Police executed 173 arrest warrants and prevented 900 illegal entries within a week. This shows that our measures are working. Above all, we want to identify and stop violent offenders early. 

3 Slovenians Denied Entry to Germany After Being Caught on Possessing Drugs

The Federal Police refused entry to three Slovenian citizens, who were sent back to Austria after police inspections revealed that the driver was carrying 40 grams of marijuana and four fireworks, two of which did not have the required test mark, were found in Slovenians’ vehicle. 

Other drugs were also found on other companions, which were confiscated before letting Slovenians return to Austria. All three men, aged between 29 and 33, said they were headed to Stuttgart to watch the soccer match between Slovenia and Denmark. 

Russian Citizen Caught Attempting to Enter Germany With a Fake Visa

A Russian citizen with a short-stay Spanish visa had been caught trying to enter Germany via a long-distance bust on the Lyon-Munich route. 

The 31-year-old had entered Switzerland by plane and wanted to travel to Munich to watch the opening match of the European Football Championship, which he proved by presenting a ticket and hotel booking. 

He also confessed that had no intentions to travel to Spain as he cancelled the hotel reservation as soon as he obtained the Schengen visa. 

The Federal Police revealed that the Russian national had an amount of €26,000 with him and seven smartphones. 

He was charged with visa fraud, illegal entry and residence, and tax evasion and had his Schengen visa cancelled. The same was ordered to fly to Moscow from Munich Airport. 

In addition, an Albanian national who had travelled to Germany to watch his national team was arrested as he had an existing warrant. The 37-year-old had another 625 days of prison sentence in Germany.