Netherlands Updates Registration Process for Newly Arriving Refugees From Ukraine

Newly arrived Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands must now register in the Personal Records Database (BRP) and receive a residence sticker from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) within four weeks to be covered by the Temporary Protection Directive.

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Under the new rules, as of June 17, those who will receive the residence sticker, which will allow Ukrainians to show that they are allowed to be in the Netherlands and entitled to temporary protection, Schengen.News reports.

Ukrainian Refugees Are Not Entitled to Temporary Protection Without Proof of Residence

According to IND, the sticker is valid until March 4, 2025, the same as the Temporary Protection Directive. Moreover, Ukrainian refugees who come to the Netherlands to seek asylum must apply to the new registration rules as follows:

  • Refugees from Ukraine can register with their municipal authority if they can show documents to prove their identity, if they are from Ukraine, or if they have been legal residents there. For example, this could be a passport, birth certificate or residence permit.
  • Once registered in the personal database, they are entitled to benefits and services in the Netherlands. These include accommodation, a living allowance, healthcare and education.
  • If a refugee from Ukraine does not have the necessary documents, the municipal authority will start a procedure to verify the identity and country of origin.

Refugees from Ukraine will receive a letter from the municipality with information about the new registration process. Anyone who does not make an appointment within four weeks will receive a message stating that the IND intends not to process the application for RTB and asylum any further.

Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service

Children Under the Age of 14 Are Excluded From Receiving Proof of Residency

As the authority explains, children under the age of 14 do not need to obtain proof of residence. However, the IND said it has to decide whether they are under the directive in the system. They are subject to the directive if their parent is currently subject to it.

Further, IND said that refugees from Ukraine do not need to apply for asylum. They also have the right to stay in the Netherlands for 90 days or longer if necessary. At the same time, refugees who have a biometric passport can travel to the EU without a visa.

Previously, Dutch authorities revealed that around 2,540 Ukrainian refugees have been suspended from temporary protection since March 4, 2024. As a result, they are forced to seek safety in the country or leave.

These people were allowed to stay in local shelters with food until April 1, but they could not work or receive free medical care.