Romanians to Enter US Visa-Free by the End of October, Ambassador Says

The Romanian Ambassador to the US, Dan-Andrei Muraru has said that Romania is in its final stages of meeting the criteria for admission to the Visa Waiver programme.

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According to the Ambassador, Romanians will meet the criteria of having rejection rates of less than three per cent by October – a determining factor for Romania to be considered for the Visa Waiver programme, Schengen.News reports.

We are in the final stages, meaning by the end of the American fiscal year, which ends on October 1 this year, we are confident that we will meet the criterion of having a rejection rate of less than three per cent for all Romanian citizens’ visa applications to the US. 

Romanian Ambassador to the US, Dan-Andrei Muraru

Several Security Measures Stand in the Way of Romanians Travelling Visa-Free to the US

Security agreements for measures to combat cross-border crime and terrorism are expected to be signed between the US and Romania, in order for the latter to meet the criteria for the Visa Waiver programme.

The ambassador points out that some agreements are underwork and as soon as the criteria is met, the US authorities will be notified, as part of the upcoming steps for admission to the visa-free travel agreement.

Once we know we have met all these obligations, the American side will be notified, and an evaluation mission will come to Romania, probably at the end of this year or the first half of next year. The US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security will then determine if Romania meets these criteria and grant Romania the status of a Visa Waiver program member. 

Ambassador to the US, Dan-Andrei Muraru

As Dan-Andrei told Economedia, the number of visas issued to Romanians in this fiscal year reached 60,000.

Romania Is the 30th Countries With the Most US Visas Issued in 2023

The official date of the US Department of State reveals that the number of visas granted to Romanians in 2023 reached the highest record in 2023 – 60,474 visas were issued to this nationality group.

In total, Romanians represent the 30th nationality group with the most visas granted by the US authorities for the year, standing behind Japan with 75,305 visas granted.

Compared to other EU countries, Romania falls behind Germany which was granted 64,866 visas in 2023.

As per US visa applicants to the EU, Schengen Visa Statistics reveals that in 2023, foreigners in the US applied for 174,258 Schengen visas. This means that 94 per cent of visa applications from the US were approved, showing one of the highest approval rates for applicants from this country.