Tulum’s New International Airport To Welcome 1.4M Travelers And 9 Airlines In 2024

The resort town of Tulum opened a new international airport in December and international travelers responded by flocking to the region. Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport (TQO) is expected to welcome 1.4 million passengers and one more airline in 2024, said officials at a press conference on Saturday. 

According to the government, this airport has undoubtedly been a great achievement in Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s presidency. 

Six months into its opening, TQO boasts 3 national and 5 international airlines with 5 routes to different Mexican cities, 9 to the United States and 2 to Canada. 

Cities served in the United States include New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Charlotte, Los Angeles and New York. 

Starting June 25, a new international airline will begin operations from Tocumen, Panama.

As of today, the terminal has performed 4,368 operations, transporting a total of 450,925 passengers. 

“Since it started operations on December 1, 2023, it has recorded a total of 450,925 passengers in 4,368 operations. The daily average reaches 2,168 passengers in 21 operations. In recent weeks, it has increased to 4,120 users per day,” said Javier Diego Campillo, the airport’s administrator.

According to Campillo, the TQO is set to welcome 1.4 million passengers on 11,000 operations by the end of 2024.

“By the end of 2024, it is projected to transport 1.4 million people on 11,000 flights, which doubles the estimate made in the initial market study,” he added.

In addition, the government is looking to expand operations to complete 5 domestic and 12 international destinations this year.

Data show that Tulum International Airport will continue to grow operations and passengers.

If projections are correct, Tulum’s airport will become an important player in the economic development of the Mayan Riviera through the creation of thousands of jobs and new tourism business opportunities. 

Felipe Carrillo Puerto was built in record time (17 months) by military engineers for 19.2 billion pesos, saving the Mexican people millions of dollars.

In other news, the Maya Train, another massively important infrastructure development for the region, will be fully completed before September, said López Obrador in a recent visit to the region.