Italy Simplifies EU Blue Card Application Rules by Moving the Process Online

Italian employers who need to hire highly qualified workers under the EU Blue Card can now make requests online.

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In an attempt to simplify the procedures and provide more favourable conditions, the Italian Ministry of Interior has set up a Services Portal.

In this portal, a new updated form has been created permitting Italian employers to request the hiring of highly qualified workers from non-EU countries, Schengen.News reports.

On the Services Portal of the Ministry of the Interior, Immigration One Stop Shop section, the updated form ( EBC form) is now available for employers to request the hiring of highly qualified foreign workers (EU Blue Card).

Italy’s Migrant Integration Portal

By using the new online form, Italian employers can make requests for highly qualified workers in different fields.

Once the requests are made, highly qualified non-EU workers can apply for the positions, and if they meet the requirements, they are granted an EU Blue Card, which permits them to reside and work in Italy.

Who Is Eligible for Italy’s EU Blue Card

As the Migrant Integration Portal of Italy explains, in order to be eligible for the EU Blue Card, highly qualified foreign workers must meet several criteria.

Non-EU highly qualified foreign workers wanting to obtain Italy’s EU Blue Card must prove that they have completed higher education, have at least five years of experience in their work field, or have a higher professional qualification with at least three years of experience.

In addition, the salary of the EU Blue Card holders must be at least 1.5 times the national average, and they must purchase travel health insurance, among others.

The EU Blue Card provides numerous benefits for its holder. A highly qualified foreign worker who is issued Italy’s EU Blue Card enjoys the right to travel freely within the entire territory of the European Union.

Moreover, the EU Blue Card holders enjoy the same work conditions as well as salaries just like citizens of Italy.

The holders of the document are also able to get permanent residence rights in Italy, have educational, economic, and medical rights as Italians, and move to another EU country after a year.

Greece also just recently facilitated the EU Blue Card Application rules. The country now allows foreigners under the visa-free regime and those holding a short-stay visa to apply for the EU Blue Card.

In addition, the country has also changed the pre-screening requirements, giving the possibility to applicants to choose whether they want to undergo the process or not.