These Are The 7 Most Trending Adventure Travel Destinations in 2024 According To Experts

Whether it’s a trek to the highlands, a mountain bike challenge across an undiscovered country, an expedition to the majestic Serengeti, or a boat ride through icebergs, an adventure trip has the power to improve your physical and mental health.

Adventure travel is breaking booking records around the globe, with a number of interesting destinations emerging as clear rivals to traditional hotspots.

Here are the 7 most trendy destinations in 2024, according to travel experts on different sides of the world.


This remote land has proven to be a true paradise for adventure lovers and nature photographers alike.

Some of the most popular activities to do in Greenland include sailing and kayaking in Ilulissat Icefjord and the long Nuup Kangerlua Fjord, paddling along stunning blue icebergs, hiking in remote cold mountains and going dogsledding during the winter.

Given the challenges this territory possesses, most activities should be arranged and done with a tour guide.

“The polar regions have always inspired intrepid explorers and for many, visiting Antarctica and the Arctic are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities,” said a Viking spokesperson. 


This Buddhist kingdom, located in the Himalayas, is known for its ancient monasteries, historic fortresses and diverse landscapes.

The recently restored Trans-Bhutan Trail is luring visitors who want to experience the mythical Himalayas firsthand. By engaging in this unique hike, you contribute to maintaining some of the world’s best-preserved cultures in the only carbon-negative country on the planet. 

Other amazing activities this country offers include paragliding, rock climbing, archery, hot-air ballooning and river rafting. Tours to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery and Thimphu City are also popular.

“Due to its famed Himalayan landmarks and picturesque natural landscape, Bhutan has become a well-known paradise for adventure travelers… The region provides visitors with thrilling activities such as mountain biking, hiking, camping, white water rafting, and even archery,” said James Low, General Manager of COMO Bhutan. 


Mongolia’s nomadic people and untouched remoteness have always caught the attention of adventure travelers.

Once you leave its growing capital, Ulaanbaatar, you will find yourself in a whole different world where wild nature takes control.

Some of the craziest adventures you can do here include riding with eagle hunters (an activity Mongols have been doing for the past 6,000 years), self-driving trips to explore some of the 110.000 km of stunning roads, camel trekking through the Gobi desert, mountain-cycling expeditions through the Khangai Mountains, and if you are lucky, you might get in touch with some nomadic people along the way.

Regarding this rather interesting culture, Catherine Heald, Co-founder and CEO of Remote Lands, says: “They live in gers, which each day, they dismantle and reassemble in each new place. Seeing this culture is fascinating, and [staying] in a ger camp such as Three Camel Lodge in the Gobi Desert is a wonderful way to participate.”


Antarctica is on the bucket list of most adventurous spirits worldwide. Having the opportunity to kayak through massive icebergs and spend a night under the stars is the dream of many travelers around the world.

Most visitors find joy in outdoor activities like penguin spotting, zodiac tours, scuba diving under sea ice, snowshoeing, going abseiling, taking a splash in sub-zero temperature waters and whale-watching, as well as visiting the most remote museum in the world in Port Lockroy.

Getting to this destination is an adventure in itself. Most make it here through special tours or cruise expeditions. Its difficult access makes it a once-in-a-lifetime trip for most visitors.

Regarding the feelings that many travelers experience, Sarah-Leigh Shenton, Marketing Director at Red Savannah, says: “There’s a sense of accomplishment too – it’s a challenge to get there and there are substantial bragging rights associated with crossing Drake’s Passage in the wake of legendary explorers such as Amundsen and Shackleton.”


Africa is full of amazing jungles and deserts but one of its most spectacular countries is Tanzania. 

The proof is that 75,000 adventure travelers climb the stunning Kilimanjaro mountain every year. This natural wonder is an inspiration for anyone who has an interest in mountaineering.

But let’s say it. Most of us come here to see the incredible wild African animals! 

Selous Game Reserve alone is home to 120,000 elephants, 160,000 buffalos, 2000 rhinos, hundreds of bird species and large groups of hippos and crocodiles.

“Exploring the most remote parks in the country’s southern region, the vast Tanzanian landscape is truly a patchwork of superlatives as the continent’s largest game reserve, having the most voluminous populations of elephant and wild hog, few habituated chimpanzees and the longest and deepest freshwater lake,” said Brady Bindstadt, CEO of GeoEx. 


Patagonia is a natural gem located between Chile and Argentina. Places like Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres Del Paine National Park, and Mount Fitz Roy are internationally recognized for their stunning beauty and mysterious ambiance. 

The Argentine side is filled with arid steppes and grasslands, while the Chilean side boasts spectacular glacial fjords and magic rainforests. Other natural wonders you’ll be able to see here include snow-capped mountains, pristine rivers and majestic volcanoes.

Patagonia boasts one of the most Instagram-worthy hikes on the planet, the W-Trek which goes through French Valley and Grey Lake. 

Kayaking around glaciers in Grey Lake, horseback riding, road-tripping, fishing and biking are also popular activities among adventure seekers.

Speaking about the Aysén Region of Northern Chilean Patagonia, travel expert Emma Fritz says: “This region has a longstanding ranching history, and the human and cultural impact only adds to its landscapes: think tiny towns, small houses set against vast mountain backdrops, and sheep and cows along drives.”  


Fiji has always been regarded as a beach destination, ideal for long strolls and cocktail testing on paradise backdrops. 

Surprisingly, in recent years, travelers have been flocking to Fiji for its adventure offerings. 

The most sought-after adventure activities include rock climbing, skydiving, snorkeling with manta rays, diving in the “soft coral capital of the world,” and jungle hikes. 

Also, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, which boasts a “Jurassic Park-themed Sleeping Giant Zipline,” has become increasingly popular. 

True adventure seekers can also take part in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, which has become very famous thanks to an Amazon Prime TV series. 

“Beyond the beaches, we have amazing rivers, jungle treks, and stunning highlands, perfect for jet boat safaris, whitewater rafting, quad biking, e-biking, trekking, and even skydiving,” said Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji