Algerians Were Denied Most Visas by France in 2023

After Türkiye, Algeria had the most rejected Schengen visas in 2023. The majority of denied visas came from France, which rejected 93,151 applications.

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According to Schengen Visa Statistics, France issued negative decisions for 33.4 per cent of all visa requests filed by Algerians, Schengen.News reports.

France is responsible for more than half (56 per cent) of all denied visas of Algerian applicants last year.

91.7% of Rejected Visas Came From 5 Countries

The total number of rejected visas of Algerian nationals in 2023 reached 166,260. Out of this total, 152,608 were rejected by France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Belgium. This figure represents 91.7 per cent of all visa requests filed by Algerians that received a negative response last year.

Schengen states that denied most visas for Algerians in 2023, are as follows:

  • France (93,151)
  • Spain (41,993)
  • Italy (10,453)
  • Malta (3,528)
  • Belgium (3,483)

These Are the Top 5 Destinations for Algerian Applicants

Algeria was the sixth country of origin for most visa applications last year. Although this country ranks lower than last year in terms of visa requests, it still remains one of the countries where most visa requests come from.

In 2023, France was the top visa destination for Algerians. This nationality group filed 279,000 visa requests to France, representing 58.8 per cent of all visa applications for the year.

After France, Spain was the second most popular destination for Algerians, with 127,534 visa applications. Spain approved 60.54 per cent of visa requests from this nationality group.

Italy ranks third for most visa applications received from Algeria – 26,188, granting 10,453 visas. Approval rates for applications originating from this North African country in 2023 stood at 59.45 per cent.

Germany and Belgium received between 8,000 and 8,500 visas, granting 62.2 and 56.6 per cent of them, respectively. In conclusion, France and Spain are the two destinations for Algerian visa applicants.

Czechia Was Most Likely to Grant Visas to Algerian Applicants Last Year

Schengen Visa Statistics show that the highest approval rates for visa applications originating in Algeria were recorded in Czechia. More specifically, 69 per cent of visa requests were approved.

After Czechia, France had the highest approval rates (66.61 per cent), followed by Finland (63.1 per cent). On average, 63.1 per cent of visa requests by Algerians received a positive response.