Germany Introduces New Migration Measures that Will Allow Romania’s Full Accession to Schengen

Germany is considering the deportation of migrants to Afghanistan and Syria, which would permit the accession of Romania to the Schengen Zone in terms of land borders.

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The new plan has been announced by the Minister of the Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser, while stressing that she is talking with federal states regarding the issue, Schengen.News reports.

In addition to Germany, a similar plan has also been announced by Austria, both attempting to tighten the rules in order to reduce irregular migration.

We are negotiating confidentially with various states to open avenues to make deportations possible again in Afghanistan. Violent criminals should consistently be deported if released after a prison sentence in Germany. And we want to consistently expel and contain Islamist threats. I want the federal police to support the federal states responsible for such measures as quickly as possible.

Minister of the Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser

The Minister said that the country has already reported on the corresponding efforts of the interior ministry when the new report for the protection of the constitution was presented.

Faeser added that regarding Afghanistan, there are now contacts with the authorities in Uzbekistan and Syria.

A recent report from the Deutsche Welle notes that an increased number of German citizens now support deportation of rejected asylum-seekers, while the country is tightening its stance on migration. In addition, even among refugees, the idea has gained some support.

New Measures to Better Handle the Situation With Irregular Migrants

Earlier this week, German police returned an Afghan family that had departed Poland in an irregular way. Authorities in Poland considered the decision as a violation of law.

Through a statement, Poland’s border service said that German authorities must not make such a decision arbitrary.

In this regard, the Prime Minister Donald Tusk, said he would be discussing the unacceptable incident with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Germany is introducing measures to make the country less attractive to migrants, after the country remains among the favorite ones for asylum seekers within the bloc.

On June 19, German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, vowed to better manage the situation with irregular migrants attempting to reach the country.

Scholz said that the country wants to establish partnerships in order to better manage the return of those who are not allowed to stay there. He considered this issue the biggest challenge.

To ensure that we don’t have to handle it alone, we have to find partners in the world to help us achieve our goals.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

In addition, the Chancellor also defended the current policies applied in Germany to control irregular migration.