Germany Issued Nearly 54,000 Family Reunification Visas So Far This Year

From the beginning of this year until May 31, 2024, Germany issued a total of 53,767 visas for family reunification, uniting hundreds of families.

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Disclosing these figures, the Federal Minister of Interior of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, said that the beneficiaries of foreigners that received family reunification visas in the first five months of 2024 come from all over the world, Schengen.News reports.

In 2024, up to and including May 31, 2024, a total of 53,767 visas for family reunification of third-country nationals were issued worldwide.

German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock

According to NIUS, in a document exclusively obtained by it, it was also revealed which foreign nationalities were granted the most visas to enter the country for family reunification purposes.

These 5 Nationalities Got Issued Most Family Reunification Visas in First 5 Months of 2024

As the Foreign Office of Germany has revealed, the top five countries whose nationals received the highest number of family reunification visas in the first five months of this year are as follows:

  • Syria
  • Türkiye
  • India
  • Kosovo
  • Iran

Syrian nationals obtained most family reunification visas since the beginning of this year until the end of May. They were granted a total of 8,793 visas to enter the country to reunite with their close family members.

Turkish nationals were granted 25 per cent fewer family reunification visas than Syrians during the same. A total of 6,524 nationals of Türkiye were issued family reunification visas in the first five months of 2024.

As for nationals of India, Kosovo, and Iran, data show that they were issued 5,623, 3,753, and 2,277 family reunification visas by Germany until the end of May of this year.

The majority of foreigners who have been granted family reunification visas so far this year are wives and children.

In 2023 alone, Germany granted a total of 131,00 family reunification. While it is yet to be seen, it is expected that a similar or an even higher number of foreigners will be issued family reunification visas this year.

Germany Keeps Registering High Number of Foreign Arrivals

Immigration to Germany has significantly increased in the last few years as the country continues to deal with labour shortages.

To help its economy, Germany has enacted several rules to attract foreign workers. Foreign workers are issued a work visa through which they can take up employment and legally reside in Germany.

After a period of time, foreign workers are able to take their wives and children with them to the country. Both these two groups of foreigners hold residence permits, and after some years, they are also eligible for citizenship, provided they fulfil all the criteria.