British expat in Dubai wakes up from a coma, touches many lives

20240624 british expat
Dubai-based British expat Lisa Sherrington-Boyd raring to go, after a harrowing night in pain.
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: British expat Lisa Sharington-Boyd keeps an extremely busy diary. The Dubai-based 52 year old starts her morning with yoga and a hot tub soak, setting a tone of wellness and focus for the day. By mid-AM, she delves into her passion for storytelling and the crafting of her first book.

She then meets with her marketing team to discuss the day’s agenda.

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Post-lunch, she runs an in-person parent workshop at a British school in Dubai, following which she heads to a family home to assist with a toddler’s potty training, a task that has earned her the title of the Potty Queen. She also takes phone calls from other families and businesses, besides working on her insta page and huddling with her team again.

Looking at her, there’s no telling that doctors had given up on her as she lay in a coma battling for her life just three years ago. In fact, just the previous night, she has been up for the most part, out of bed and on the floor, rolling in pain.

“Yes, I was screaming, praying for the spasms in my leg to stop. This has become a routine almost,” she says.

Clearly, Lisa’s bubbling public image belies her private life – one of excruciating pain, which she endures with a never-die spirit.

Lisa says she wasn’t expected to live at all. But three procedures were conducted to revive her lungs and by God’s grace, she managed to turn the corner. When she finally came home, she was still being tube-fed.

She says her near-death experience made her all the more determined to get back on her feet and help others in whatever way she could. When she recovered, she went on an overdrive, packing in everything from parent workshops and potty training to tacking fussy eating and producing a talking-point magazine for parents and children.

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As Lisa curls up in her heat blanket with a hot cup of tea that her supportive husband brings for her, her journey makes her smile. The heartening messages from her clients and students on the phone reaffirm the feeling.

“Pain is all-encompassing. I could either feel sorry for myself or just get out of bed, dress up, put on that lipstick and pursue my passion,” she says, as she readies for another hectic workday.

“When the nights are dark and down, I tell myself that it can’t last forever. The sun will be out soon enough. That’s the unfailing truth that keeps me going,” adds Lisa, who continues to be on steroids and immunity supplements.