Dubai announces new standards for oncology services

The new standards for oncology services outlined by top health officials in Dubai are aimed at achieving the best outcomes for patients.
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Dubai: Hospitals and other health care facilities offering oncology services in Dubai will now have to comply with a new set of standards, as stipulated by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Emirates Oncology Society.

This was announced at a special workshop held by DHA in Dubai.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at DHA, stressed that oncology services remain one of the main challenges for health authorities worldwide. Accordingly, DHA has taken the initiative to develop the new standards aiming to build an effective system and provide advanced services in this field.

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The new standards reflect DHA’s commitment to achieving the best outcomes for patients by offering high-quality of diagnostic and therapeutic services and improve patient experience in their journey to recovery.

Regulations will also contribute to enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility of healthcare within a patient-centered system.

Dr. Al Mulla highlighted that the existence of such a robust regulatory framework of new standards will add to the growth and development of the healthcare sector in the UAE, and particularly in Dubai. By creating a competitive setting, these standards will encourage healthcare providers to offer high-quality and specialised services in oncology according to the best international practices, thus enhancing Dubai’s position as a leading healthcare destination regionally and globally.

Dr. Hanan Obaid, Director of Health Policies and Standards Department at DHA, stated that the new standards were developed with a focus on patient-centered care and include a set of regulations and requirements related to medical care, patient safety , KPIs for quality and performance for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of the oncology services in the health facilities.

Dr. Hanan also added that these standards are evidence-based and align with the best practices to improve the therapeutic experience for patients and elevate the level and quality of services provided to them.

Dr. Khulood Al Sayegh, Head of the Standards and Guidelines Section at DHA, highlighted the key points related to the implementation of the new standards for providing oncology services as required by DHA.

Professor Humaid Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Oncology Society at the Emirates Medical Association, DHA, reviewed the new standards.

The document has been developed in accordance with UAE legislations and the best international practices in the field. The workshop was attended by several strategic partners and representatives from healthcare facilities offering oncological services in Dubai.