Only Foreigners With a Residence Permit Allowed to Work in Lithuania Under Govt’s New Stricter Rules

Lithuania has introduced tightened foreign employment rules, allowing only individuals with a residence permit to work in the country.

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While the rules have tightened, specific categories, including teachers, researchers, and citizens of economically developed countries, will be exempted from the new rules, Schengen.News reports.

Furthermore, the Lithuanian government has set a yearly quota of 40,000 for hiring third-country citizens. Such a figure constitutes 1.4 per cent of the number of permanent residents in Lithuania as of July 2023.

Such moves are part of a draft amendment to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners (UTPĮ) recently adopted by the Lithuanian government.

Tougher Regulations for Companies Hiring Foreign Workers

Other changes proposed by the respective authorities include stricter requirements concerning foreign employment in Lithuanian companies.

Under the new proposals, companies looking to hire foreigners should possess the required licenses and should not have been fined for not reporting updated information or providing fake data. Furthermore, they will be required to hire workers for full-time positions and disclose relevant information about the foreigner’s qualifications and experience to the employer.

Meanwhile, foreign workers will not be allowed to work for more than four employers in Lithuania.

According to the Minister of Interior Agnė Bilotaitė, these measures come as a response to the growing number of cases of violation of the Lithuanian migration system.

The control measures already in place and provided for in the amendments to the UTPE will help to respond more effectively to the current challenges posed by labour migration.

Agnė Bilotaitė, Minister of the Interior

At present, 219,500 foreigners hold residence permits in Lithuania, of which nearly 116,000 are issued for employment reasons.

Nearly 1,500 Foreigners Lose Residence Permits, Mostly Over Unsigned or Terminated Work Contracts

During May 2024, Lithuanian authorities conducted several inspections following the calls for stricter labour regulations.

As a result, 1,483 foreigners lost residence permits, mainly for unsigned or terminated work contract issues. In addition, Lithuania prohibited 42 companies from submitting letters of mediation for the arrival of foreigners.

Due to the stringent rules, about 7,500 people have been denied the issuance or change of residence permits or have had their temporary residence permits revoked for violating migration laws. Moreover, Lithuanian authorities have issued nearly 4,000 decisions so far to ban entry to the country.