Foreigners in Ireland Complain of Mistreatment When Applying for Belgium Schengen Visas

Foreigners residing in Ireland who do not enjoy visa-free travel privileges to the EU have complained of being mistreated when applying for Schengen visas.

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Schengen visa applicants in Ireland said that embassy staff show unpleasant behaviour and often make them feel belittled, Schengen.News reports.

An Indian passport holder, Arpita Chakraborty, is one of the most recent Schengen visa applicants who complained of being poorly treated by the Belgian embassy staff, Dublin InQuirer explained.

Arpita, who is a researcher at the Dublin City University’s School of Law and Government, was planning to participate in two conferences to represent the university, with one taking place in Belgium and the other in Portugal.

To be able to take part in these conferences, she had to apply for and obtain a Schengen visa.

Arpita applied for a Belgium Schengen visa but was ten minutes late for her appointment, which led to her being denied entry to the Belgian embassy.

Eventually, she was let into the embassy for her appointment after a colleague at DCU made a call asking the embassy to let her in.

While Arpita was expecting everything to go smoothly once she was inside the embassy, this was not the case. As she explained, the staffer at the desk just looked at her when she said hello and called the security to escort her out.

It’s like they see you as inferior as a human being.

Arpita Chakraborty

Other Foreigners Also Share Similar Experiences

Several other foreigners in Ireland have also said that they have experienced belittlement from the Belgian embassy staff.

As the same source noted, Anish Tiwari said that he has been avoiding the Belgian embassy in Dublin after he was granted a visa with a one-week validity period only.

Despite having had several previous Schengen visas issued by other member states, Anish said that all he got was a one-week stay in Belgium.

He further complained that the Belgian embassy staff suggested that he apply for a German visa as the latter had previously issued him a visa, despite him telling the staff that he was going to Belgium and not to Germany.

Another foreigner complained about being granted Schengen visas only for the number of days he booked the ticket.

The applicant, named Hari on X social media, said that he had applied for Schengen visas in Dublin at least five times in the last ten years. However, he still is not able to obtain visas with longer validity, loosing considerable amounts of money on short-stay visas.