Forum on Vietnam-Korea tourism promotion and cultural cooperation to open in Seoul

The Vietnam National Authority of Tourism will host the Vietnam-Korea Tourism Promotion and Cultural Cooperation Forum on 1 July 2024 in Seoul, enhancing tourism exchange and cultural collaboration.

The Vietnam National Authority of Tourism is set to host a significant forum on Vietnam-Korea Tourism Promotion and Cultural Cooperation on 1 July 2024, as part of the Vietnam Tourism and Culture Promotion Festival in Seoul, Korea. This forum aims to introduce Vietnam’s tourism policies, highlight key destinations, and showcase tourism products tailored for the Korean market.

The event presents a vital opportunity for travel and tourism businesses from both nations to connect, collaborate, and enhance tourism exchange. By fostering strong partnerships, the forum seeks to increase the flow of tourists between Vietnam and Korea, promoting mutual economic and cultural benefits.

The forum’s program will feature discussion sessions focused on tourism promotion strategies and cooperation in the development of cultural and film industries. These sessions are designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and joint initiatives that will drive growth in both sectors.

Additionally, the event will include B2B meetings, offering a platform for business negotiations and partnership formation between Vietnamese and Korean travel enterprises. This setup aims to foster direct interactions, enabling businesses to explore new opportunities and solidify agreements that will benefit both parties.

An art program will also be held, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam through performances and exhibits. This cultural exchange is expected to deepen the understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s vibrant traditions among the Korean audience, further strengthening bilateral relations.

By bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and cultural ambassadors, the Vietnam-Korea Tourism Promotion and Cultural Cooperation Forum aspires to pave the way for a robust and sustainable tourism partnership. The event is anticipated to generate significant attention, potentially reaching over 1,000,000 individuals, and enhance the positive image of both nations as premier tourism destinations.

This forum underscores the commitment of Vietnam and Korea to fostering a dynamic and collaborative tourism environment, reflecting the growing importance of tourism and cultural exchange in their bilateral relationship.

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