Hurricane Beryl Is The First Of More Than 17 Named Tropical Storms Expected In Mexican Caribbean This Year

It’s less than a month into what is expected to be a more active than normal hurricane season in the Mexican Caribbean. 

We already have our first hurricane of the year, Beryl, which is rapidly intensifying as it moves west in the Caribbean Sea with the Mexican Caribbean directly in its sights.

According to most computer models, Beryl is expected to be a category two or category three hurricane as current projections have it making landfall on the east side of the Yucatan peninsula.

It’s an ominous start to the Mexican Caribbean hurricane season.

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Active Hurricane Season

According to the analysis by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season could be one of the most intense on record.

The Atlantic hurricane season, which includes the Mexican Caribbean, runs from June 1 to November 30 and has an 85 percent chance of being more active than normal due. This is due to warm ocean currents from transitioning of the El Niño weather conditions to La Niña.

The weather agency in the United States expects between 17 and 25 named tropical storms in the Mexican Caribbean area this year. This is considered “above normal activity” and would actually be a record for in the 154 years of predictions by NOAA.

They are expecting 8 to 13 to become hurricanes, like Hurricane Beryl, with winds above 74 miles per hour. Of those, four to seven are projected to develop to major hurricane status, above category three, with winds of 111 miles per hour or higher.

“There is reason to be concerned, but not alarmed,” said National Weather Service Director Ken Graham on a story about the topic. “Yes, it’s the highest number, but it’s all about being prepared, right? So now is the time to be prepared.”

On The Watch For Beryl

At the time of the writing of this article, most computer models show Hurricane Beryl making landfall in the Mexican Caribbean travel hotspots on the Yucatan sometime on the Independence Day holiday in the United States, July 4.

Visitors expecting to head to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum for the long Fourth of July weekend will want to keep an eye out for the hurricane’s path and consider making alternative travel plans at this time.

It may even be wise to cancel trips in advance of the potential cancellation of flights to the region. As of the writing of this article, none of the airlines flying to Cancun International Airport or Tulum International Airport have issued advisories related to the potential hurricane landfall.

Travelers that still want to move forward with their travel plans for the Fourth of July weekend, and can still affordably add travel insurance with hurricane coverage, should consider doing so immediately.

Tips for Travelers

The hurricane season is already underway in the Mexican Caribbean and with a landfall projected for the very first named strong storm of the year, it could be a busy one.

Travelers with reservations during hurricane season should plan ahead for the potential impact of many more storms and take measures to protect themselves and the money spent on their vacation getaway to the area.

For those with vacations planned later in the summer, making trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage with includes hurricanes would be a smart move, while it is still available and affordable.

Tourists should also confirm hurricane policies for their resort, hotel or vacation rental property in the Mexican Caribbean along with their airline.

Alternative plans should be in place for what looks like what will be a busy hurricane season in the Mexican Caribbean.