Germany Initiates Investigations Over Questionable Visa Issuance Practices in Some Third Countries

German judicial authorities have initiated investigations on staff at consulates and embassies abroad for accepting fake and incomplete visa documents.

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The decision comes following reports that German staff at consulates and embassies in some third countries, including Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan were advised to accept fake documents, thus permitting migrants to reach the country legally, in spite of not possessing all the required documents, Schengen.News reports.

According to a report from UnHerd, German Greens support for mass immigration has never been a well-kept secret.

We are being given people as a gift.

Vice President of the Bundestag Katrin Göring-Eckardt

The report says that in spite of the investigation being conducted related to forged visa documents, the fact that the Foreign Ministry has yet to issue a denial indicates that authorities are “acting on more than a hunch.”

FOCUS Report Revealing Questionable Visa Issuance

Last month, FOCUS provided a report related to investigations into questionable visa issuance.

Soon after, the Foreign Office issued a statement confirming that that country has initiated ongoing proceedings against its employees, stressing that it has already reacted with “organisational measures”.

The Ministry of Annalena Baerbock announced that the three known investigations by the public prosecutors in Berlin and Cottbus were related to individual cases involving questions regarding the documents used for entry.

According to a report from FOCUS, the Foreign Office in Berlin instructed employees in German embassies and consulates to grant entry to applicants with false or incomplete documents.

The report noted that thousands of people reached the country in this way in the past five years. The majority of them are said to have applied for asylum in this country.

Besides, a similar case was reported last year by the magazine “Cicero”. Back then, the magazine reported that a former employee of the Federal Ministry of the Interior filed a criminal complaint against officials at the Foreign Office.

The plan is being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office.

Germany’s Rejection Rate Is Under the EU’s Average

When it comes to obtaining a multiple-entry Schengen visa, Germany is among Europe’s favourite countries.

According to a report from Schengen News, in 2023, out of the total 1,459,560 visa applications received, the country granted a total of 1,233,561 visas. Of the total, 1,114,424 were multiple entry visas.

The same source reveals that last year, authorities in Germany rejected only 14.3  per cent of visa applications received, lower than the Schengen average of 16 per cent.