These Are Denmark’s New Simplified Spouse Reunification Rules

Starting today, July 1, 2024, Denmark will apply new simplified rules for residents who want to bring their foreign spouses to the country.

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In an attempt to make the spouse reunification process easier, Denmark has included four new changes into the new law, with two of them applying to foreigners and the other two to the Danes, Schengen.News reports.

As the Danish Immigration Service explains, the first change is that it is no longer mandatory for the foreign spouse in Denmark to pass the “Test in Danish 3” to be able to bring their partner to the country as long as they are able to prove that they have been working in Denmark full-time for five years and have been significantly involved in communication in Danish.

The communication can have been with colleagues, citizens, customers, patients, or other persons.

Danish Immigration Service

Previously, it was required that the spouse in Denmark take the language test to prove that they meet the integration requirements before being able to bring their spouses.

The second change is the halving of the financial guarantee requirement for spouse reunification.

The foreign spouse in Denmark who wants to bring their partner to the country now has to meet the financial guarantee requirement of around €7,642 (DKK 57,000) instead of the previous €19,307 (DKK 144,000).

The bill includes, that the financial guarantee requirement, which must be met in some cases in order to qualify for family reunification of spouses, will be reduced from approx. DKK 114,000 to DKK 57,000.

Danish Immigration Service

Those who have submitted spouse reunification applications before April 11, 2024 and received a negative response are now able to submit application again in line with the new rules.

What Are the Other 2 Changes?

The other two changes affect Danes who want to bring their spouses to the country.

As Danes Worldwide explains, new residence arrangements have been made for accompanying family for Danes who return from abroad to Denmark after finding a job in the country.

In line with the new law, Danes who have been living abroad and who want to return to the country will be able to bring their families with them to Denmark more easily if they get a job that grants foreign citizens a work permit.

Previously, only foreign citizens who got highly qualified jobs in Denmark were able to bring their families to Denmark under simplified conditions, while the families of Danes abroad had to apply for family reunification in line with the country’s general rules.

The last change is that Danish citizens now also have the right to sit for the “Test in Danish 3”. Until now, Danes have not been allowed to take this test as it was generally reserved for foreigners.