Visitors to Barcelona to Pay 20% Higher Tourism Taxes Starting October 2024

Barcelona, the world’s most popular destination, has decided to increase its tourist tax fee to €4 from the previous €3.25 that rose in April 2024.

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The city council agreed to increase visitor levies by over 20 per cent starting October 2024 in a move expected to generate an additional €20 million in revenues, Schengen.News reports.

According to local media, the regional tax varies depending on the type of accommodation where a tourist stays. For example, for four-star hotels, it is €1.70; for rental accommodations such as Airbnb, it is €2.25; and for five-star and luxury hotels, it is €3.50.

Cruise passengers who spend less than 12 hours in the city pay €3 in the region, while those who spend more than 12 hours pay €2.

Starting October this year, visitors intending to visit Barcelona will be subject to a payment of €4 on top of the regional tourist tax – an increase of €0.75 per night. This means that guests accommodated in five-star hotels will pay a total of €7.50 per night – €52.50 per person for a week’s stay, up from the current €47.25.

Over-Tourism Pushing EU Countries to Introduce Tourism Fees

Many other countries have also raised traveller fees in 2024 to combat over-tourism. In this regard, Portimao, Portugal, has also decided to collect a tourist tax from March 2024. It will change the tax from high season to low, setting it at €2 per night from April to October and €1 per night from November to March.

Another famous city that agreed on a similar decision is Venice, which, after years of debate, has charged an entrance fee. Following the decision, visitors must pay a €5 fee to enter on weekends, peak days, and other days between April and mid-July.

EU Countries That Apply a Tourist Tax for Accommodation

Austria is among the other destinations included in the entry fee list. However, an accommodation tax is paid about three percent of the hotel bill per person in this case.

At the same time, in Belgium, the tourist tax applies to the accommodation. In general, the tax is usually €7.50. Another country that takes a tourist tax on accommodation is Bulgaria. The tax here is about €1.50.

Moreover, in 2019, Croatia increased its tourist tax, with the higher rate only valid during the summer season. So visitors will pay about €1.5 per person per night.

In France, tourists are charged e-tax fees for hotel bills too, and the fee varies depending on the city where they stay. Ahead of the 2024 Olympics, the tourist tax on hotel rooms increased by 200 percent as early as January 2024 and, in some cases, could reach €15 per night.