6% More European Holidaymakers Plan to Travel During Summer, Survey Reveals

European tourists are more likely to take a trip during these summer months, with a surge of six per cent compared to last year’s figures, according to the latest survey by the European Travel Commission (ETC).

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75 per cent of respondents, mainly from Spain, Italy, and Britain, said they want to visit an EU country this summer, Schengen.News reports.

The survey further revealed that 36 per cent of Europeans are planning just one trip in the following months of 2024, representing an increase of six per cent over 2023. Meanwhile, another 33 per cent of them will take two trips, and only 24 per cent plan to take three or more trips.

As summer arrives, there remains a strong demand for Southern destinations, with most European travellers (45 per cent) choosing warmer locations for their next vacations. Interest in Europe’s South is stable compared to 2023 but is down ten per cent from 2022. Meanwhile, Western (18 per cent) and Northern (13 per cent) destinations continue to see strong demand.

European Travel Commission (ETC)

Safety Remains the Main Factor for EU Travellers When Choosing Their Next Vacation Destination

According to an ETC report, the top factor travellers consider when choosing a vacation destination is perceived safety (16 per cent), followed by pleasant weather (13 per cent), shopping (11 per cent), friendly locals, and stable temperatures (both eight percent).

In addition, most surveyed travellers who want to travel this summer aim for a trip during June and July 45 per cent, while 39 per cent choose August and September. On the other hand, only 12 per cent of them want to travel in October and November.

The main reasons, including the biggest concerns for visitors to travel this summer, are:

  • High travel costs (21 per cent, down three over 2023).
  • Personal finances (16 per cent).
  • Geopolitical issues (11 per cent worry about the Russia-Ukraine war and ten per cent about tensions in the Middle East).

At the same time, extreme weather and transport disruptions are also significant concerns for ten Europeans.

As of early 2024, the ETC survey found that 76 per cent of respondents report adapting their travel habits to climate change. 17 percent said they would avoid destinations with extreme temperatures, a figure that rises to 32 per cent for those over 55, indicating older travellers are more concerned about coping with rising temperatures.

In general, a total of 16 per cent of travellers prefer places with stable weather, 15 per cent monitor weather forecasts, and 11 per cent choose activities that do not depend on the weather.