BLS International to Offer Visa Services for Filipinos Planning to Visit Poland

BLS International has signed a contract with the Embassy of Poland in the Philippines in order to provide comprehensive visa outsourcing services.

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The new contract, announced through a statement from the visa processing and consular services provider, is expected to further enhance the visa application process for travelers to Poland from the Philippines, Schengen.News reports.

The service includes handling both Schengen and national visa applications that can be submitted for Polish Schengen and national visas at two visa centers located in Cebu and Manila.

This contract enables us to deliver our advanced visa services in the Philippines, reinforcing our dedication to simplifying international travel.

BLS International Joint Managing Director Shikhar Aggarwal

Filipinos Among the Top National Group Registered in Poland’s Social Insurance System

A report from Notes From Poland revealed that the number of internationals registered in 2023 in Poland’s social insurance system (ZUS) increased by six per cent reaching 1.13 million.

Filipinos (2,870) accounted for the sixth national group in Poland when it comes to the most significant increases in ZUS numbers last year.

The number of Filipinos interested in working in Poland has increased significantly in recent years.

A report from Al Jazeera revealed that in 2022, authorities in Poland issued a total of 22,557 work visas to Filipinos in comparison to just 2,057 registered in 2018, based on the data provided by the Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

The same source revealed that for a period between 2015 and 2022, Filipinos were among the top visa fastest-growing groups to enroll in Poland’s social insurance scheme.

BLS International Opens New Visa Application Centers for Spanish, Portuguese & Hungarian Visas

Last month, BLS International announced the opening of a new visa application center in Mumbai, at Nariman Point, due to the significant increase in demand for Spanish Schengen visas.

In May this year, the visa services provider signed a contract with the Embassy of Portugal in Morocco for providing visa services in Rabat and Casablanca.

This ground-breaking collaboration with the Embassy of Portugal heralds a new era for visa services in Morocco. With state-of-the-art technology at our core and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, we are not merely improving the visa application process—we are transforming it.

Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of BLS International

In April this year, the Embassy of Hungary in Muscat, Oman passed on the reception of visa requests to the visa center of BLS International in Muscat, while emphasizing that visa appointments can be filed at the BLS official website.