Foreigners From 9 Third Countries No Longer Need Work Permits to Work in Czechia

Czechia has decided to allow citizens of specific third countries free access to its labour market, as the country’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced.

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This policy, which took effect on July 1, aims to attract highly skilled workers necessary to support the growth of the Czech economy, Schengen.News reports.

As revealed by Czech authorities, nationals of the following countries will be permitted free access to the country’s labour market:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Israel
  4. Japan
  5. New Zealand
  6. Singapore
  7. South Korea
  8. The United Kingdom
  9. The United States

This means that citizens of the above-mentioned countries who wish to work in Czechia are no longer required to obtain a work permit such as a permit to work, employee card, or blue card of an intra-company transferred employee. Instead, they need only authorisation to stay in the country’s territory.

Employers of citizens of selected countries are no longer required to notify the Labor Office of vacancies for the purpose of including vacancies in the central register of vacancies.

Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Free Access to Labour Market Does Not Guarantee Residence Rights in Czechia, Authorities Warn

Although citizens of these countries enjoy free access to the Czech labour market, they are still required to apply for a residence permit (if applicable), depending on the type of permit.

Free entry to the labour market does not guarantee foreigners the right to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic. It is still necessary to apply for a residence permit according to standard procedures.

Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

The ministry has advised interested individuals to check the Information portal for foreigners for more detailed information on how to apply for a residence permit and the types of visas available.

Meanwhile, citizens of selected countries currently living lawfully in Czechia who have had to apply for a work permit are no longer obligated to do so.

Security Concerns Were Considered When Creating the List

As further noted, the government has considered security matters while compiling the list of countries with free work permits, among other things. According to the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the selected countries have a minimal risk scale.

The countries mentioned were selected after discussions in the Economic and Social Agreement Council and considering the current situation in the labour market. In the long term, the Czech Republic strives for intensive cooperation with selected countries and shares common democratic principles.

Marian Jurečka, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Although citizens of the selected countries no longer need work permits to work in Czechia, Czech citizens will not enjoy the same access to the labour markets of these nine countries.

According to the Ministry of Labour, reciprocal access for Czech citizens to their labour market cannot be required, given that all these nine countries are “among the most economically powerful in the world and have high economic immigration”.