Amsterdam to Ban Cruise Ships From 2035 to Fight Overtourism

As part of the efforts to fight overtourism, authorities in the Netherlands have announced plans to entirely ban cruise ships to Amsterdam from 2035.

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The decision is part of plans to halve the number of cruise ships permitted to dock at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Schengen.News reports.

At present, the number of cruise ships permitted in Amsterdam stands at 190, however, plans have been unfolded to reduce the number to a maximum of 100 starting from 2026.

Soon after the announcement, concerns have been raised that tourism may experience a significant decline from such a decision.

A spokesperson for Amsterdam City Council said that for the city the decision means less income after less tourist tax is collected.

However, according to the spokesperson, financial consequences for the decision will be included in the next budget memorandum, and no consequences related to the decision are yet expected in the 2025 budget.

By 2027 All Boats Will Be Required to Use Shore Power

According to a report from Euro News, by 2027, all boats in the Amsterdam terminal will be required to use shore power only to lessen their environmental impact.

With these measures, the city is implementing the municipal council’s wish to put an end to the cruise terminal in Amsterdam. Banning cruise ships is also part of a broad package of measures to limit the growth of tourism and combat nuisance.

a spokesperson for Amsterdam City Council

In this regard, the city’s deputy mayor, Hester van Buren said that sea cruising is a polluting form of tourism which contributes to crowds and emissions in the city. According to Van Buren, by reducing the number of sea cruises, among others, the Council is responsible for implementing the proposal to halt sea cruises.

Record Number of Overnight Stays in the Netherlands in 2023, Amsterdam the Most Favorite Destination

The figures from Statistics Netherlands revealed that last year, 49.7 million guests were accommodated in the Netherlands’ hotels, campsites, and holiday parks, thus marking a new record.

The same source reveals that 2023’s statistics accounted for an increase of 8.1 per cent compared to the figures registered in 2022.

Amsterdam remained the top destination for foreign visitors to the Netherlands last year. In addition, according to Statistics Netherlands, more guests stayed in Amsterdam last year, compared to 2022, accounting for an increase of 21 per cent, and reaching a total of nine million.

The number of guests from abroad staying in accommodation in Amsterdam rose by 26 per cent, while the number of guests from the Netherlands rose by eight per cent.

Statistics Netherland

The same revealed that the majority of visitors to Amsterdam came mainly from the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany.