German Authorities Overwhelmed With Citizenship Requests Following Law Changes

Following Germany’s new citizenship laws that permit internationals to acquire citizenship within a shorter period and without being obliged to give up their previous nationality, a significant increase in requests for information has been noted with expectations that the number of applications for citizenship will also increase.

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Germany is among the most favourite countries for internationals planning to acquire citizenship. Last year alone, even when the new citizenship law was not implemented, the country registered the highest level of granted citizenships since 2000, reaching about 200,100, according to the figures from the Federal Statistical Office, Schengen.News reports.

According to a report from the Suddeutsche Zeitung Berchtesgadener, in the Land district office in Bad Reichenhall, all consultation appointments for those wishing to acquire citizenship are already booked up for the next eight months, and there is no guarantee that applications will be processed promptly.

A survey from SZ also reveals that a similar situation is noted in other offices in Bavaria. A city spokesperson told SZ that Bamberg has been experiencing a small flood of requests since the weekend and has noticed an increase in requests for information.

The report also notes that in the Lower Franconian district of Miltenberg, there is a notable increase in telephone inquiries, up to 74 hours in an hour, regarding applications for naturalisation.

Germany Accelerates Process of  Obtaining Citizenship for Foreigners

Last month, authorities in Germany announced that internationals living in Germany would be eligible to acquire citizenship within a shorter period.

As part of the new law, internationals interested in acquiring citizenship would not be required to give up their previous nationality.

In this regard, the Minister of Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser, said that all internationals living in Germany who share the same values and meet the needed conditions would be eligible to acquire citizenship more quickly.

However, Fraser stressed that there will be no tolerance for internationals showing antisemitic, racist or other similar behaviours.

Anyone who shares our values ​​and makes an effort can now get a German passport more quickly and no longer has to give up part of their identity by giving up their old nationality. But we have also made it just as clear: anyone who does not share our values ​​cannot get a German passport.

Minister of Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser

Among the new changes through Germany‘s new citizenship law are also a quicker path to citizenship for children born in Germany to foreign parents, an expanded German citizenship test and recognition for the “guest worker” generation.