This Global Coworking Brand Launches A New “Work Everywhere” Campaign For Digital Nomads

Seasoned digital nomads and remote workers absolutely love Selina. Located in 22 countries, this global brand of coliving/coworking spaces has launched a new marketing campaign to draw loyal guests and remote work first-timers.

Since its opening in 2014, Selina has made a name for itself among those who travel the world looking for authentic cultural and adventure experiences while running their businesses from their laptops.

“As a global brand with a presence in 22 countries, Selina plays a pivotal role in enhancing the digital nomad experience,” said Rafael Museri, Co-Founder and CEO of Selina. 

These hostel/coliving/coworking spaces stands as hubs for innovation and community, allowing for a perfect balance between productivity and well-being.

Looking to expand their target audience, the company has launched an innovative campaign called “Work Everywhere,” to “empower remote workers and digital nomads worldwide.”

Selina wants digital nomads and remote workers to “discover how [their] unique amenities and stunning locations can transform the way [they] work.”

“Work Everywhere” will be up and running through July, focusing on promoting Selina’s stunning co-working spaces.

selina in porto

“Our CoWork spaces not only provide a conducive environment for productivity but also encourage our guests to explore new cultures and locations without compromising on work efficiency,” said Museri.

From the US to Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and more, each Selina offers high-speed wifi, nice free coffee and office supplies as well as beautifully decorated coworking spaces equipped with hot desks, conference rooms, private offices and communal areas.

Other amenities include a fully equipped kitchen in case you feel like making yourself a meal.

How to participate – Access to the Selina CoWork space is included in your room fee. Those who don’t need accommodation can pay a daily, weekly or monthly fare.

If feeling like joining this international growing group of like-minded folks in the “Work Everywhere” movement, visit any of Selina’s social media platforms.

Still in the Process of Becoming a Digital Nomad/Remote Worker? – Here’s what you need to know

Working remotely means taking back control of your time, movements and working environment.

In recent years, companies and cities around the world have adapted to offer digital nomads the amenities they need to continue being highly productive while on the go. 

Coworking spaces like the ones offered by Selina have been designed to meet all your needs in your new lifestyle.

This is what Selina’s team has to tell you:

“Whether you’re a digital nomad, a travel-addict, an adventurous backpacker, or a surfer looking for paradise, you’ve come to the right place. From global cities to urban hubs, remote destinations, and off-the-grid destinations, develop a deeper connection with the world when you stay at Selina.”