Barcelona Launches The “Nautical Bus” To Enjoy The City From The Sea And Ease Traffic

A popular Spanish city has launched a new aquatic transportation system to cruise tourists and locals around its ports: the Bus Nàutic (Nautical Bus).

Starting July 3, two zero-emission catamarans began operations from the Drassanes Pier, located next to the Columbus statue, to the Levante Pier, next to the luxury hotel W Barcelona.

This new means of transportation will not only provide people with a different way to enjoy the city but also improve mobility during the busy summer months, given that streets surrounding this area are prone to traffic jams.

These catamarans are open for business 12 hours per day from 07:00 to 19:00, departing every 30 minutes.

Unlike other European cities where similar services can be quite expensive, the “nautical bus” only costs €2.85 roundtrip. Trips only last 10 minutes though.

“The boats are “100% electric and cross the port in just 10 minutes.” These boats are powered by electro-solar energy, allowing for a silent ecological trip, according to the official site. 

The Ecocat Dos has a capacity for 56 passengers and the Ecocat Three, 140. Both boast toilets and a beautiful outdoor area.

Alsa, the company managing the nautical buses, also offers 10-trip passes for as little as €13.30 and multiple for €40 for 30 days. Discounts for children and seniors are also available. Children under the age of four can travel for free. 

This new service is only one of the surprises that the ports of Barcelona bring this season.

The City Hall has also decided to rebuild some “restaurants” that were removed years ago to make way for the 1992 Olympic Games and reopen the old fishermen’s market.

The main objective is reconnecting citizens with the famous Rambla and the ports.

If this new way of touring Barcelona attracts a substantial number of passengers, the company would include new stops and extend service hours.

In other news related to the Barcelona sea, tourists will also have the chance to enjoy the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup 2024 which will be held in the city from August through October 2024.

This competition is the third most important sporting event in the world. 135 regattas will fight for first place (second place is not offered in this sport).

The tournament will be visible from the most popular Barcelona beaches.