UAE residents to be trained to support cancer patients

Hessa Al Hammadi (L), director of the Community Cohesion Department at SSSD, and Aisha Al Mulla, director of FOCP, during the signing of the partnership agreement
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Residents will be able to become volunteers who support cancer patients and their families through a new training programme in Sharjah.

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) have signed an agreement with Sharjah Social Services Department (SSSD) for volunteers to be able to join FOCP’s humanitarian programmes and receive training for the community service.

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The agreement was signed by Aisha Al Mulla, director of FOCP, and Hessa Al Hammadi, director of the Community Cohesion Department at SSSD.

Through the recruiting and training of volunteers by Sharjah Volunteer Centre, showcasing FOCP’s initiatives on the Sharjah Volunteer Centre’s website, and incorporating FOCP’s data and statistics into volunteer work, the agreement aims to empower the community to provide comprehensive support to cancer patients and their families.

This multifaceted approach will not only raise awareness and inspire more individuals to get involved but also ensure that volunteers are well-equipped to deliver effective and data-driven community service, ultimately making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by cancer, the officials said.

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Beyond medical care

Aisha noted that supporting cancer patients goes beyond medical care and encompasses psychological and social support.

“Fighting cancer requires collective efforts and the cooperation of all community members, and this partnership is a strategic step towards achieving that goal. The community support received by patients is a testament to human solidarity and social responsibility, demonstrating the cohesion of the UAE community and the advanced services it offers,” she said.

“The agreement outlines a shared strategic direction with our partners at SSSD to build a compassionate and resilient community, and volunteers will be empowered and equipped with essential skills to support cancer patients. The benefits of this partnership extend beyond immediate patient support, raising public awareness and encouraging more individuals to engage in volunteer work, creating an integrated community where members support each other during challenging circumstances.”

Hessa said: “This agreement is a significant step towards promoting a volunteering culture in our community, supporting cancer patients and their families. We believe volunteering plays a key role in achieving social cohesion and offering the needed support to the less fortunate segments of society.”

She added: “Through this agreement, we aim to offer volunteers the opportunity to enrol in FOCP’s humanitarian programmes, and provide them with training to participate in community service. Additionally, we will organise awareness activities and programmes dedicated to individuals.”