How UAE is leading efforts to provide aid to Palestinians in Gaza

The UAE’s Gallant Knight 3 Operation has so far supplied Palestinians in Gaza with 344 tons of materials, including medicines, medical devices and supplies and intensive care units, in addition to 10 ambulances.
Image Credit: Ali Al Hammadi/Gulf News

AL-ARISH, ENROUTE GAZA: Emirati medical relief teams, volunteers and members of the UAE Armed Forces and Air Force continue to provide all forms of support to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, even as a military relief plane carrying tons of medicines, foodstuffs and humanitarian relief materials arrived at Al-Arish Airport in Egyptian Sinai, enroute Gaza, today.

The relief is part of The Gallant Knight 3 Operation that is being undertaken on the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

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As Sultan Al Shamsi, UAE’s Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Developmental Affairs and International Organisations, said at a media briefing in Al Arish: “Under the directives of our wise leadership, The Gallant Knight 3 initiative continues to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, especially in the health and medical sector. We connect hospitals, health centres and medical pick-ups and provide medicines, medical devices and tools in Gaza. We also cater to physical therapy and psychological rehabilitation needs of children, women and the elderly. Despite the situation on the ground, we continue to carry out our humanitarian operations to the injured and wounded.”

He said, “Until today, we have supplied 344 tons of materials, including medicines, devices, medical supplies and intensive care units, in addition to 10 ambulances.”

The UAE has been providing aid to victims in Gaza right from the beginning of the conflict.
Image Credit: Ali Al Hammadi/Gulf News

Dr. Sultan Al Kaabi, Director of the Emirati Field Hospital, said, “The total number of cases received by the Emirati Field Hospital has been over 49,000 from various areas in the Gaza Strip. They have included men, women and children. More than 1,700 surgical operations have been performed amid difficult conditions. As many as 43,000 cases of infection have also been treated.”

The UAE has been providing relief since the very beginning of the conflict. This has included financial support, food and medical assistance, setting up hospitals and healthcare facilities, and establishing essential services such as water desalination plants and bakeries. These efforts are conducted through an integrated logistical approach via land, sea and air routes, in collaboration with several countries and international institutions, he said.

UAE’s most prominent efforts

Medical services

Dr Ahmed Mubarak Hamid, Medical Director of the Emirates Floating Hospital, said “The UAE set up a floating hospital off the coast of Arish city with 100 beds. Its “star link” service enables urgent medical consultations in the field hospital through visual communication technology, saving the lives of many patients with severe injuries or health needs.”

The fully equipped floating hospital so far has received 2,440 cases and performed 836 surgeries. It supports and complements the Emirati Field Hospital in Gaza. The hospital is equipped with a helipad and marine boats to enhance the response to emergency and critical cases requiring urgent medical intervention.

A ship carrying UAE aid arrives as Al-Arish.
Image Credit: WAM

The UAE’s field hospital in southern Gaza comprises more than 100 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.