Food safety: Dubai’s elite restaurants to be revealed soon

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Dubai: By the end of October, residents and visitors in Dubai will get to know which of the restaurants in the emirate offer the safest food while being the most sustainable and socially responsible.

Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department has announced that it will recognise the winners of the DM Food Elite Programme at a ceremony on October 21.

The programme will honour restaurants in Dubai that have consistently demonstrated leadership in food safety excellence combined with commitment to sustainability, nutrition and social responsibility.

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As first reported by Gulf News in January, the “DM Food Elite” title will be awarded to top three restaurants in three categories.

Category 1: Top three stand-alone casual and formal dining restaurants

Category 2: Top three restaurants that are a part of a hotel

Category 3: Top three quick service food outlets and cafeterias

“This will be a unique recognition of excellence for restaurants that do a remarkable job in various aspects,” Sultan Ali Al Taher, director of the Food Safety Department at DM, told Gulf News.

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According to him, the elite restaurants will be those that adhere to the highest levels of food safety and nutrition standards and implement environmental sustainability, social responsibility, innovation, and digitalisation in their operations.

Al Taher said elite restaurants must have a well-established food safety culture as an integral part of the wider organisational culture that integrates into its vision and mission and a food systems approach inclusive of nutrition and sustainability.