Harbin prepares for the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025

Harbin gears up for the 2025 Asian Winter Games with extensive venue renovations, athlete accommodations, and comprehensive event planning.

HARBIN, CHINA – In July 2023, China‘s Harbin won the right to state the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025, another international winter games to be held in the country after 2022. It will be the second time that Harbin has hosted the Asian Winter Games since 1996.

The venues are being renovated for different events and the renovation work is expected to be completed and inspected by October 31st. Test events will be held from early November. A competition schedule has been mapped out as well, involving 6 major categories, 11 sub-categories, and 64 minor categories. In addition, the registration work has been launched on April 30th.

In terms of service for the Games, 38 hotels have been designated for the accommodation of athletes, technical officials, media, the OCA family and other groups.

By taking into consideration various cultures, religions, and dietary habits in Asian countries, the organizing committee of the Games will provide a 20-hour food supply every day during the competition.

31 designated hospitals and medical service points at each venue have been selected; anti-doping checkpoints have been set up for the drug test before and during the competition. The committee has also started the selection and training of volunteers to provide voluntary service for the Games.

Urban construction, environmental management, and transportation upgrades are all being carried out simultaneously in the city.

In the countdown ceremony to the 300-day of the Games, the emblem of the Asian Winter Games, the theme slogan, and sports icons were released to the public, and the official website has been launched

Dream of Winter, Love among Asia.” Inspired by the motto, Harbin is making every effort to get prepared and present to the world the top-level winter games.

George Diamantopoulos

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