Nearly 40% of Spaniards Would Fail the Nationality Acquisition Exam, Study Reveal

Almost 40 per cent of surveyed Spanish citizens failed to pass the nationality exam which is taken by foreigners in the country to obtain Spanish citizenship, a recent study by Remitly has revealed.

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Remitly surveyed 2,100 residents of the most common countries for immigrants to find the easiest and the hardest exams for acquiring citizenship. In the case of Spain, about 61 per cent of the surveyed citizens managed to pass the nationality test, Schengen.News reports.

We tested the participants with a simplified version of the citizenship tests. We selected 15 questions from their nation’s official practice tests.


Over 240,000 Foreigners Obtained Spanish Citizenship in 2023

Some may consider the Spanish citizenship test difficult, given that a notable share of 40 per cent of the surveyed citizens did not pass it. However, official data indicates that the number of foreign residents obtaining Spanish citizenship has constantly increased over the past few years.

Foreigners who wish to obtain Spanish citizenship must pass the Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain (CCSE) exam and the DELE A2 language exam, which also evaluates knowledge of Spanish culture and society.

Individuals from Latin American countries or those who have studied at Spanish education institutions are exempted from the CCSE exam.

According to the country’s Statistical Office (INE), 240,208 foreigners living in Spain became Spanish citizens in 2023, a 32 per cent increase from the previous year.

Morocco, Venezuela and Colombia emerged as the most common nationalities of origin, with 54,027, 30,154, and 18,738 citizens, respectively.

Meanwhile, the communities with the highest share of residents acquiring Spanish citizenship were Catalonia (60,846) and Madrid (50,049).

Which Countries Have the Easiest Citizenship Exams?

According to Remitly’s study, Australia emerged as the country with the easiest naturalisation exam, given that 96 per cent of the Australians surveyed passed the exam and reached an average score of 13.3 out of 15 on the practice questions.

In this case, Germany ranked second, with 95 per cent of citizens passing the test. Meanwhile, Americans ranked third with a 93 per cent pass rate, followed by Spain and France, citizens of which obtained a 61 per cent rate.

As per this study, the United Kingdom and Canada ranked in the two places, implying that these countries have the hardest citizenship exams.

In the case of the UK, 42 per cent of the surveyed citizens passed the exam, while in Canada, only seven per cent of the participants scored a pass rate of 75 per cent of correct answers.

The study also revealed that the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia had the highest nationality exam prices.