Spanish Man Arrested for Forging Documents to Aid Cubans Obtain Spanish Citizenship

National Spanish Police arrested a 52-year-old Spanish citizen suspected of forging official documents to enable Cuban citizens to obtain Spanish nationality.

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The person in question was also involved in a scam related to obtaining a driving license for a foreigner, Schengen.News reports.

He faked a practical driving test and provided a forged license, charging €4,000 for the counterfeit document. During the operation, the police also found various documents, multiple laptops, a printer, a document shredder, over 50 Cuban passports, and €1,750 in cash and several stamps from public entities.

Police Found Several Documents of Arrested Man, Including a Spanish Passport of a Deceased Person

In addition, in June of this year, a device was deployed to arrest the suspect, who was caught after leaving the garage at high speed. In his vehicle, agents found various documents, such as a Spanish passport of a deceased person, a Cuban passport and Spanish and Cuban civil status documents.

According to an official statement, the investigation started in April after a foreign citizen reported that he was deceived while obtaining a driver’s license. Authorities also found five suitcases and several boxes filled with similar documentation, all related to obtaining Spanish citizenship for Cuban citizens. Using these documents, the detainee falsely claimed that those interested were children or grandchildren of Spaniards, thus facilitating their naturalization.

Criminal Group Provided Fake Documents to Simulate Parent-Child Relationships Between Cubans & Deceased Spaniards

During May 2024, Spain’s National Police also busted a criminal organization in Valencia that was allegedly involved in forging documents to regulate the status of Cuban immigrants in the country.

These persons were accused of forging documents and facilitating illegal immigration, fraudulently adjusting the status of Cuban citizens in Spain. The criminal organization forged documents to simulate parent-child relationships between Cuban residents and deceased Spanish nationals, allowing them to obtain residency and then Spanish citizenship.

After in-depth investigations, it was discovered that the arrested individuals recruited Cuban citizens and offered them legal services to adjust their status in Spain, paying between €1,000 and €3,000. They presented falsified Cuban birth certificates to simulate family ties to deceased Spanish citizens, thus obtaining temporary residence permits due to social roots and even Spanish nationality.

This is not the first time that Spain has been involved in such cases since it is one of the countries that faces the problem of illegal migration. Previously, the country’s police arrested 69 individuals who managed to arrange residence permits for more than 1000 Chinese citizens through fictitious contracts or fraudulent registrations. They have achieved benefits of around €5,000,000 from them.