507 People Subject to Schengen Alerts Detected in Romania Within a Single Week

A total of 507 people, subject to Schengen Information System (SIS) alerts, have been located in Romania for a period from June 28 until July 4.

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Following an exchange of information through the SIRENE Office within the International Police Cooperation Center- General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, during the same week, Romania and its partners in Schengen countries detected 600 persons, 59 vehicles, and 44 documents that were subject to SIS alerts, Schengen.News reports.

Romanian police officers executed 20 European arrest warrants, detected 63 persons reported by member states as having been refused entry or stay in the Schengen area, 208 persons who were sought for participation in judicial proceedings, and 11 persons who were reported missing by partners in Schengen states.

Romanian Police

In addition, from Romania, 28 documents were seized, and 51 vehicles sought by Romania’s partners in other Schengen Zone countries were found, for confiscation or use as evidence in judicial procedures.

According to authorities in Romania, 93 persons sought by authorities in Romania were detected by international partners on their territories.

Of this number, 33 were pursued by Romania’s police, based on European arrest warrants, 25 were reported by member states as being refused entry or stay in the Schengen Zone, while another 18 persons were sought for participation in judicial proceedings, 11 were reported missing by authorities in Romania.

In addition, foreign partners uncovered 16 documents and eight vehicles on their territories that were sought by Romanian authorities for immobilization or to be used as evidence in criminal proceedings.

SIS Helps Schengen States to Maintain Security Within the Borderless Area

The security system of the Schengen Zone, known as the Schengen Information System, has an important role in maintaining security and order within the EU’s borderless area.

Consisting of over 40 million alerts on people and objects, the SIS  permits authorities in the Schengen Zone to exchange information on missing people, illegal entrants wanted people, stolen vehicles, as well as lost or stolen identity documents within the Schengen Zone.

The SIS allows relevant authorities to enter data related to a person or an object in the Schengen Zone, which is registered as a real-time alert as a person or object reported as missing.

Once an alert is complete, for example, if a vehicle or a person is located, then the alert can be deleted.

Accession to the Schengen Information System (SIS) was approved by Romania’s government in November 2022.

Back then, authorities in Romania said that the draft law ensured the legal framework needed for participation in the exchange of data with the Schengen Zone countries.