Spain Extends Citizenship by Descendant Law Until October 2025

Spain has decided to extend the Grandchildren Law until October 2025. The decision has been announced by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Angel Victor Torres.

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The extension of the law that permits descendants of exiled Spaniards to acquire nationality has been welcomed by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory of Spain, Ángel Víctor Torres, Schengen.News reports.

Torres described the extension as magnificent news, emphasising the need to give more time so that people can take advantage of this opportunity.

The new decision aims to permit a larger number of descendants of exiles to complete their applications and fully integrate into the Spanish community, while also strengthening the ties between Spain and its citizens dispersed worldwide due to historical circumstances.

The extension of this law is an extension of the Eight Additional Provisions of the Law of Democratic Memory that became effective on October 21, 2022.

Under the current rules, applicants had two years to formalise their request for nationality, however, the Council of Ministers has decided to extend this period. The new changes allow descendants of Spaniards exiled during the Civil War and Franco’s regime to apply for dual nationality until October 2025.

The Grandchildren Law of Spain allows persons born outside Spain to parents or grandparents or grandmothers who were originally Spanish or who lost or renounced their nationality as a result of political, ideological or religious reasons to recover Spanish nationality.

Besides, the law also includes sons and daughters born abroad to Spanish women who lost their nationality by marrying internationals before the 1978 Constitution and adult children of those Spaniards who recovered their nationality of origin.

More Than 226,000 Descendants of Spaniards Applied for Spanish Citizenship Through Memory Law

The figures from the Cubita Now reveal that as of December 2023, a total of 226,354 descendants of Spanish exiles and emigrants had applied for nationality under the Democratic Law.

Of the total number of applications, 110,540 files were approved and 69,421 registrations were made.

According to the Consulate General of Spain in Buenos Aires, in May alone, 1,588 Argentinians became Spanish nationals, through the Democratic Memory Law, known as Grandchildren law. The figures were confirmed by the Consulate General of Spain in Buenos Aires.

The same notes that there are already 12,739 people registered since the Grandchildren law took effect, in October 2022, with more than 46,000 files in process and 182,000 hearings scheduled.