Turkish Nationals’ Interest in Acquiring German Citizenships Surges

Following the implementation of Germany’s New Citizenship Law on June 26, which allows foreigners to acquire citizenship without being obliged to give up their previous nationality, an increase in the interest in becoming German citizens has been noted by Turkish nationals.

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Spokesman Safter Çınar told the German Press Agency that the opportunity to acquire dual citizenship is attractive for many, in Schengen.News reports.

Çınar said that the old regulation prevented a large number of people from applying for German citizenship.

According to him, some people have already sought advice from the Turkish Federation in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB)

People come by or call, briefly explain their situation and ask whether they fit into the new regulations.

German-Turkish trade union official Safter Çınar

The statistics from the Turkish Federation in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB) reveal that about 96,000 people with Turkish citizenship currently live in Berlin and about 6,000 in Brandenburg, as of December 2023.

Çınar said that the figures are based on the population projection based on the 2011 census.

While welcoming the new legislation, Çınar criticised the requirement, under which, in order to be naturalised, a person’s livelihood must be secured without social welfare.

In addition, the Turkish Union of Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB) also considered as ineffective the exception for language tests for those who came to the GDR as guest workers or contract workers.

Germany’s New Citizenship Law Attracting a Larger Number of Internationals

With Germany’s New Citizenship Law taking effect, a significant increase in requests for information has been registered by authorities in Germany, while expectations that the number of applications for citizenship could further increase have also been expressed by German authorities.

When it comes to acquiring citizenship, Germany is among the most favourite countries for internationals. The figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office revealed that last year alone, even before the implementation of the new citizenship law, Germany registered the most significant increase in the level of granted citizenships since 2000, reaching nearly 200,100.

The new citizenship law allows internationals to acquire citizenship within a shorter period of time.

The Minister of Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser, said that all internationals living in Germany who share the same values and meet all the needed conditions are now eligible to acquire citizenship in Germany more quickly.

Anyone who shares our values ​​and makes an effort can now get a German passport more quickly and no longer has to give up part of their identity by giving up their old nationality. But we have also made it just as clear: anyone who does not share our values ​​cannot get a German passport.

Minister of Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser

The new law consists of ten key points, among them expanded German citizenship test and recognition for guest worker generation, in addition to accelerated procedures for acquiring citizenship.