Lisbon Tourist Tax Soon to Rise by 100%

Tourists staying in Lisbon will soon have to pay €4 per night spent at accommodation facilities, as the Lisbon City Council has decided, with the additional revenue being dedicated to the city and its infrastructure. – Advertisement – The PSD/CDS-PP proposal to increase the tourist tax was approved by the[…]

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The EU policy regarding travel & entry authorization, visas, both short- and long-term residence permits, work permits for foreigners, and more, are continuously updated and matched with the EU security situation and needs. In this regard, find all the news on these changes, as well as statistics and other data.[…]

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Tourism in Europe: Latest Travel Insights & Trends

Europe, a continent renowned for its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes, continues to attract travelers from all corners of the globe. With its wealth of heritage sites, vibrant cities, culinary delights, and diverse experiences, Europe remains a top destination for tourists seeking unforgettable adventures. Explore the latest travel[…]

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EU Countries Remain Top Destinations for Swiss Citizens Living Abroad

There has recently been a notable trend among Swiss citizens to relocate overseas, particularly favouring Europe as their primary destination. – Advertisement – A report from the Swiss Federal Council indicates that by the conclusion of 2023, the population of Swiss nationals living abroad had surpassed 813,400 individuals, SchengenVisaInfo reports.[…]

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