Top three cryptocurrencies to watch next week

Let’s have a look at the 3 tokens you should closely follow next week, as they are likely to offer the greatest opportunities.

While Bitcoin (BTC) bears are working hard to continue pushing prices down towards the $20,000 mark, Bitcoin bulls are trying to push the market above the key level of $25,000. On the altcoin side, Ethereum bulls couldn’t get the price past the $2,000 level and prices have retraced in recent trading sessions, while Binance Coin is still hovering around its highest level since May at around $300, EOS gains more than 26% in 24h, Shiba Inu is up more than 32% in 7 days, Dogecoin is moving higher, and Solana is ready for a move.

Let’s have a look at the 3 tokens you should closely follow next week, as they are likely to offer the greatest opportunities.

Remember that because bulls and bears constantly fight to take control of the markets, there are many different trading opportunities appearing on the crypto-market that active traders can take advantage of over the short-term, with regulated and serious CFD brokers like easymarkets. But remember to always follow your trading plan and apply strict money and risk management rules when trading cryptos to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

EOS is rebranding
The EOS.IO software, which features a new blockchain architecture that makes it possible to scale decentralized applications both vertically and horizontally, will soon be improved by a major rebrand that will be managed by the EOS Network Foundation. This will also lead to a fork of the EOS coin, as EOS is working to transition into a truly decentralized system.  Moreover, the network is now competing with networks like Ethereum (EHT), Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) in the DeFi space with its Yield+ incentive program, which offers increased opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded on the EOS network. The coin is also taking advantage of the overall bullish sentiment of the market by gaining more than 24% over the last 24h at the time of writing.

Solana between bear reversal and correction
This token has been down over the last three months, pushing traders to wonder if the recent fall is long-lasting or if the coin will soon rebound. After overcoming its most recent strong bearish movement due to the latest Solana hack at the beginning of the month, Solana coin is now testing its $43 support level, and the next move might determine whether Solana can bounce back towards the $47 level, or fall further down below $40.

Shiba Inu might benefit from the popularity of its new online game
Up more than 34% over the week at press time, the popular dog-themed crypto has gained a lot of attention recently, as bulls took control of the market. The token has been listed on another exchange recently, which tends to support the price of the relevant coin. SHIB is now available on More news behind the recent coin’s surge is the development and popularity of the new online collectible card game Shiba Eternity in Vietnam. This blockchain and metaverse game might become new competition to popular games such as Axie Infinity. 

Photo by regularguy.eth on Unsplash