Thai hotels and restaurants re-open… WaiThai Hospitality is here to help

Thomas Pfordte

Jantana Tanprasit

Bob James

Hotel and restaurant owners and managers who need an unbiased view at their operations, to analyze shortcomings and opportunities, to improve efficiency and subsequently profitability.

Despite the pandemic, new business initiatives always pop-up. WaiThai Hospitality launched in 2021 with a mission to assist and support hotel and restaurant owners, directors and managers during the current time to plan the upcoming re-opening phase.

As the founders of the WaiThai Hospitality said, in today’s challenging environment, it is crucial to analyze all aspects of the business, including the offering, efficiency, and productivity. A lean and powerful organization combined with the right product at the right price, is the key to operate a long-term profitable hospitality business.

WaiThai Hospitality founded by a team of internationally experienced hospitality professionals:

Thomas Pfordte, the Founder, is a hotelier and restaurateur with over 25 years of senior leadership experience in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Worked for Hyatt, Four Seasons / Regent, Jumeirah, Wharf Hotels, Dusit, Mulia, IHG, Hilton and more. He is specialized in concept design, pre-opening, opening, and daily operations.

Jantana Tanprasit, Marketing Manager, is well connected in the Thai business community, a true specialist in branding and marketing, very strong customer relations

Bob James, Senior Advisor, is an experienced leader who spent 30 years in Asia, in senior positions in tourism and hospitality, and Founder of the successful agency ‘Sheerbravado’.

WaiThai Hospitality’s focus is on: 

  • Hotel and restaurant owners and managers need an unbiased view of their operations, to analyze shortcomings and opportunities, to improve efficiency and subsequently profitability.
  • Those who want to invest in hotels or restaurants, requiring professional partners to support them through the process.
  • White Label hotel owners.
  • Companies who had to downscale their overheads at a corporate level due to the situation the world is facing since early 2020. Those companies can benefit from the experience of the WaiThai Hospitality team, working with dedicated business partners, without carrying the burden of the remuneration package of a full-time employed senior executive.
  • Companies who are determined to progress with scheduled openings, however, do not have sufficient manpower and expertise to do so.