Nearly Half of Malta’s Tourists Stayed In Four-Star Hotels During April-June Period

Data published by the Maltese National Statistics Office (NSO) revealed that half of the tourists who visited Malta between April and June stayed in four-star hotels.

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The NSO also noted that 512,486 arrivals spent 2,261,411 nights in Malta during this time, reports.

According to statistics provided by the same source, a total of 46.5 per cent of them have stayed in four-star hotels.

Such data also shows that the average length of stay in accommodation facilities such as hotels, guesthouses, hostels and tourist villages increased to 4.4 nights from the average of 4.1 nights recorded during the same quarter in 2021.

Meanwhile, the net use of beds reached 58.4 per cent, thus increasing by 39.7 percentage points compared to the corresponding quarter of 2021.

During June, Malta had 249 active collective accommodation establishments with a net capacity of 18,890 bedrooms and 43,331 beds.

As for the regional level, the total number of guests in this country was 487,299, while the number of nights spent was 2,190,020. At the same time, total guests and nights in Gozo and Comino increased to 25,187 and 71,391, respectively, from 11,438 and 26,924 recorded in 2021.

Compared to the three months of the previous year in Malta, the average length of stay increased by 0.2 and one night to 4.5 nights. In addition, the average length of stay also increased in Gozo and Comino by 0.5 nights to 2.8 nights.

In this regard, the net occupancy rate in Malta increased by 40.7 percentage points, reaching 59.2 per cent, and that in Gozo and Comino increased by 17.8 percentage points to 40.5 per cent.

In the first half of 2022, the total number of foreign visitors arriving in Malta reached 766,214, an increase of 540,515 compared to the same period in 2021. As a result, the total number of overnight stays increased by 2,396,117, reaching 3,298,720 nights. In addition, the net utilization of beds increased by 29.9 percentage points to 44.5 per cent.

Previously, the authorities in Malta revealed that over 243,956 people visited Malta in June alone, spending almost 1.6 million nights in the European country.

The main EU nationalities visiting the Maltese coast were French, German and Italian nationals, representing a total of 36 per cent of all arrivals recorded within this timeframe.

Moreover, based on the country of origin, the number of tourists varies as follows:

  • Italy (41,250)
  • France (26,152)
  • Germany (20,507)
  • Spain (9,632)
  • Poland (12,824)