Athens Made a Powerful Tourism Comeback in 2022, Greek Minister Says

The Greek Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, has said that the country’s capital, Athens, has made a strong tourism comeback in 2022 despite the energy crisis, inflation, and the war in Ukraine.

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Commenting on the tourism figures of Athens, the Minister said that this year the revenues are expected to surpass the 18.2 billion registered in 2019, reports.

“With hard work and in a very difficult year with the war in the heart of Europe, energy crisis and inflation, Athens made a strong comeback in tourism,” the statement of the Minister reads.

The Ministry of Tourism has written in one of its most recent press releases that entrepreneurs, as well as historic centres workers, are very happy to have registered a high number of tourists so far this year. In addition, it also said that the season will last until the end of 2022.

Commenting on the positive figures, the Minister pointed out once again that the country is ready to welcome tourists all year round.

“We are in the heart of the commercial life of Athens, and the income from tourism supports the workers in tourism, the Greek business, from the cafe, the restaurant, the mini market, even the bakery,” the Minister added.

The Minister further revealed that the country aims to attract northern Europeans in order to extend the season and generate more income.

Kikilias introduced a new strategy for the country’s 2023 tourism sector earlier in August. He said that Greece is the ultimate summer destination, but they now want tourists to visit the country during the other months too.

“A big bet for 2023 will be the development of sustainable tourism by taking advantage of the available financial tools (RRF, NSRF) in order to upgrade our tourism product. We have to preserve the unique identity of our country and protect the environment, not only to upgrade tourism but also because it is our duty to our children and future generations,” the Ministry wrote.

Previously, reported that the hot weather might drive visitors away from Greece. Mabrian showed that the weather is one of the main factors when it comes to tourists choosing a destination and pointed out that since Greece is experiencing higher temperatures, tourists might be less interested in visiting the country next year.

Moreover, according to the Climate Perception Index, the drop in satisfaction can suggest a high possibility that tourists will no longer return to Greece and other destinations that have been registering higher temperatures than before.