Video: Meet the Arabic teacher from Egypt who served Indian school in Dubai for 40 years

Ebtihal Abdullah Al Ghannam
Ebtihal Abdullah Al Ghannam recalled how what was meant to be a short tenure turned into a lifetime career
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Dubai: September 5 is regarded as Teacher’s Day in India. For the occasion, an Indian school in Dubai is honouring its long-serving Arabic teacher who is preparing to retire after 40 years.

Ebtihal Abdullah Al Ghannam, who is from Egypt, had joined the The Indian High Group of Schools (IHS) in 1982 as an 18-year old. IHS CEO Punit MK Vasu said: “It is rare to see such a commitment and we are so honoured to have her in our school.”

Educator of generations

IHS CEO Vasu said: “Mrs Al Ghannam is a wonderful and dedicated person who has excelled as an educator over the past 40 years. She underpins the not-for-profit ethos of The Indian High School of giving so much more without expecting anything back in return. She has taught generations of learners over the past four decades and our Arabic department has thrived and grown under her.”

He added: “We are so sad to see her go but happy she wants to spend time with her family and friends. She remains an integral part of the fabric of our school and has based the baton to her team who have been trained under her capable eye. We will continue to seek her guidance and wisdom and build on the outstanding foundations she las laid down for teaching and learning of Arabic across our school.”