Accommodation Establishments in Estonia Served 420,000 Tourists in August

Estonian accommodation establishments served about 420,000 tourists in August this year, meaning that there has been marked a total of 23 per cent increase compared to the figures of the same period last year.

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According to the figures provided by Statistics Estonia, the number of international tourists surged while the number of domestic tourists marked a decrease, reports.

In this regard, the analyst at Statistics Estonia, Helga Laurmaa, stressed that about 189,000 international tourists, as well as 231,000 domestic tourists, were accommodated in this Baltic State.

“There were 94 per cent more foreign tourists than in August 2021. However, the number of foreign tourists was still 34 per cent smaller than in August 2019 before the pandemic. Domestic tourist numbers have grown rapidly in recent years, but in August 2022, the number of domestic tourists was 6 per cent lower than in August last year, although 15 per cent higher than in August 2019 before the crisis,” Laurmaa pointed out.

The figures provided by the same source revealed that there was an increase in the number of tourists from European countries as well as those from countries outside Europe, compared to the figures of August 2021.

Citizens from the following territories accounted for the largest number of tourists who visited Estonia in August this year:

  • Finland (36 per cent of all foreign tourists)
  • Latvia (13 per cent of foreign tourists)

The figures reveal that the number of visitors from these countries travelling to Estonia was more specifically 223 per cent and 62 per cent higher than August’s figures. However, despite the increase, the number of tourists from Finland did not surpass pre-pandemic levels, while the number of Latvian tourists was up by 9 per cent compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The latest report of Statistics Estonia revealed that a total of 67 per cent of international tourists were accommodated in Harju county, followed by:

  • Pärnu (13 per cent)
  • Tartu (6 per cent)
  • Saare county (5 per cent)

The same source reveals that international tourists spent a total of 370,000 nights in Estonia.

“For 74 per cent of domestic tourists, the purpose of their trip was a holiday, and 19 per cent were on business trips. The largest share of domestic tourists (21%) was accommodated in Harju county, 17 per cent in Pärnu county, and 9 per cent each in Ida-Viru, Saare, and Tartu counties. Domestic tourists spent a total of 406,000 nights in accommodation establishments,” the statement published by Statistic Estonia reads.

At the same time, the figures provided by the Estonian government agency also revealed that in August this year, a total of 1,223 accommodation establishments served visitors, which means that the figures are up by 11 per cent compared to July figures.

A total of 24,000 rooms, as well as 56,000 beds places, were available for guests. At the same time, the room occupancy rate was 55 per cent, while the average cost of a guest night was a total of 42 euros per person, which is one euro less than in July.