More Germans Are Booking Trips for Winter This Year, Still Not As Much as in 2019

Booking rates for trips in the winter seasons of 2022/2023 among German nationals are on the rise but still remaining about 33 per cent below pre-pandemic levels. However, sales were significantly higher in the 2021/2022 season, as the DRV travel association has recently revealed.

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According to Reuters, the turnover in most destinations remains below pre-pandemic levels, but the Maldives and Turkey are witnessing higher turnover levels, with the latter experiencing a 16 per cent increase. On the other hand, turnover for the Maldives has reached 2019 levels already, reports.

“Germans are booking their holidays – as has been typical since the beginning of Corona – at much shorter notice than in previous years,” the DRV added in a statement.

As a recent survey by the European Tourism Council (ETC) has revealed, the desire for tourists in Europe, in general, has recovered after COVID-19, as 23,000 consumers have claimed. That is great news considering the fact that the pandemic has affected the desire for travelling as well as tourism in the zone.

Tourism review reveals that the top ten destinations for Germans include Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and other Eastern European, with 2.2 per cent of German tourists spending their main vacation in Eastern Europe in 2021.

Another 2.3 per cent of German tourists choose the North Sea and Baltic coast, while 2.5 per cent opt for Greek islands such as Crete and Rhoades. About 2.6 per cent of vacationers in Germany like to travel to Croatia and Slovenia, same as another 2.6 per cent that enjoys visiting the neighboring country, Austria.

The percentage is higher for German nationals that want to visit Upper Bavaria, the Alps, Allgau, and Lake Constance, about 2.8 per cent, while 3.2 per cent opted for Gran Canary, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Palma. 2.3 percent of Germans spent their main vacation in 2021 at domestic destinations in Germany.

The list of top four destinations most visited by Germans consists of Turkey, as 3.3 per cent visited the country in 2021, which has buildings like Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque.

However, the third most visited spot by Germans remains the coastal spots like the Balearic Islands as well as Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, with 3.7 per visitors reached in 2021. About 4.4 per cent visited Italy, in cities like Sicily, Sardinia and other islands.

The main spot, however, goes to the North or Baltic Sea Coast as 7.4 per cent of visiting the East Frisian Island, Rugen or Usedom.