Over 40 EU Monitoring Experts Deployed Along Armenian-Azerbaijan Border

Following several military clashes in different places in Armenia along the state border with Azerbaijan as well as the deterioration of the security situation, the Council of the European Union deployed more than 40 European Union monitoring experts along this border in order to monitor, analyze and report regarding the situation.

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Through a statement issued today, the EU Council emphasized that such a decision came after the quadrilateral meeting between President Aliyev, Prime Minister Pashinyan, President Macron, and President Michel on October 6, which aimed to facilitate the restoration of peace and security in the area, building trust and defining the international border between the two states, reports.

“The EU’s deployment of up to 40 EU monitoring experts along Armenia’s international border with Azerbaijan will aim to build confidence in the unstable situation that is putting lives at risk and jeopardizes the conflict resolution process. This is another proof of the EU’s full commitment to contributing to the ultimate goal of achieving sustainable peace in the South Caucasus,” High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell noted.

According to the Council, in order to ensure rapid deployment of the EU’s monitoring capacity, it was decided that monitoring experts would be temporarily deployed by the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia).

In this regard, the EUMM is taking operational steps so that its monitoring capacity in Georgia is not affected. In addition, the monitoring mission will be temporary, and will not last more than two months.

“Armenia and Azerbaijan confirmed their commitment to the Charter of the United Nations and the Alma Ata 1991 Declaration through which both recognize each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” the EU Council said in a statement earlier this month.

Relations between the two former Soviet republics have been tense since 1991 when the Armenian army illegally occupied Karabakh, a territory recognized internationally as part of Azerbaijan and seven adjacent regions.

On the 27th of 2020, clashes erupted with the Armenian army attacking Azerbaijani civilians and forces, violating several humanitarian ceasefire agreements. Meanwhile, during the 44-day conflict, Azerbaijan liberated several cities and about 300 settlements and villages that had been occupied by Armenia for nearly 30 years.

Furthermore, as a result of the deteriorating security situation in Armenia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway has issued travel advisories for some parts of Armenia.

In this regard, the Ministry has decided on the following travel tips in response:

  • Advises against any travel to the regions of Syunik, Vayots Dzor, and Gegharkunik
  • It advises against any travel to areas closer than five kilometers from the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan