UAE and Egypt to hold grand celebration of 50 years of ties in Cairo

UAE Egypt
The UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt announces to hold three-day celebration in Cairo, under the slogan “One Heart” to mark the 50th anniversary of the UAE-Egyptian relations.

Dubai: The UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt on Tuesday announced the organisation of a major celebration in Cairo, under the slogan “One Heart”.

The three-day event, which will kick off on the October 26, comes in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UAE-Egyptian relations.

The event will be attended by ministers and officials from the UAE and Egypt, and around 1,800 Emirati and Egyptian personalities including politicians, senior officials, businessmen, intellectuals, creators, media professionals and public figures.

Mohammad Al Gergawi

Mohammad Al Gergawi, UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs said: “The UAE-Egypt historical relations represent a distinguished model for the bilateral relations between Arab countries based on integration and common interests. These strong ties are not limited to the diplomatic and leadership level only, but also includes the peoples of the two countries.”

“The founding father, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Nahyan laid the strong bonds of brotherhood and friendship with Egypt. Today, thanks to President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the bilateral relations between the brotherly countries have become stronger and more prosperous in various sectors.”

Al Gergawi said that the economic cooperation is a main pillar of the solid relations between the two countries, where the UAE ranks first in the countries with the highest investments in Egypt. He affirmed that organising this event under the slogan of “Egypt and the UAE … One Heart” translates five decades of respect and cooperation between the two brotherly countries, reflecting the bonds of brotherhood and comprehensive partnership between them.

Depth of relations

Dr. Hala H. Elsaid, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development in Egypt said that the event reflects the depth of relations between the two countries and the leadership’s keenness to deepen these strong and solid relations.

“The directives of the Egyptian political leadership aim to enhance the cooperation with the UAE in all aspects, especially in the economic field. We count on the promising opportunities of cooperation between the two countries, to achieve a prosperous future for our people and build a great model of brotherly relations between Arab countries.”

ElSaid also affirmed Egypt keenness to enhance the strategic partnership with the UAE, pointing to cooperation in various fields, including government developments and establishment of integrated government service centers, as well as the Government communication strategy and cooperation in the Egypt Government Excellence Award over the past years.

“There are plenty of investment opportunities between Egypt and UAE in various sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, real estate development, financial services and digital transformation, infrastructure, communications, agriculture, food processing, among other sectors.”

Also, she highlighted the promising opportunities for joint cooperation between the two countries in the fields of the digital economy and the focus on the green recovery.

Economic Forum

The event’s agenda consists of a number of forums and sessions. A special concert entitled “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” will be organised, during the first day of the agenda.

The first day includes the Economic Forum which will be held in the presence of a number of ministers in the governments of the UAE and Egypt, as well as senior officials, businessmen and economists in the two countries.

Cultural and media forum

The second day of the event’s agenda includes the Cultural and Media Forum, which will be held in the presence of a group of intellectuals, media professionals and prominent creative personalities in the two countries.

Economic cooperation

The UAE is Egypt’s second largest trading partner at the Arab level, while Egypt is the fifth largest Arab trading partner of the UAE in intra-non-oil trade and holds seven per cent of its total non-oil trade with Arab countries.

The UAE is the largest Arab investor in Egypt and the third globally, with a cumulative investment balance of more than $28 billion (102 billion dirhams), with more than 1,300 Emirati companies operating in various fields and projects in Egypt.

Egyptian companies invest more than Dh4 billion in the UAE (equivalent of about $1.1 billion), in real estate, financial, construction, wholesale and retail trade sectors.

Culture and media relations

The UAE and Egypt exchange cultural and creative relations at all levels. The UAE is keen to support culture and arts in various countries of the world, especially Egypt, where the UAE supported the Library of Alexandria by providing $21 million. Also, the Emirati-Egyptian relations witnessed the signing of 18 cultural agreements between Emirati institutions and the Alexandria Library in Egypt.