Surfing-themed coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando: Travel Weekly

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, what SeaWorld called the world’s first “surf coaster,” will open in the spring at SeaWorld Orlando.

The surfboard-like vehicles will hold riders in a standing position while parts of the vehicle rise and fall, mimicking riding on a surfboard.

Riders will travel through twists and turns, experience five airtime movements and ride through “an innovative wave curl inversion,” SeaWorld said. The coaster will reach 60 mph.

The ride is expected to have a 54-inch height requirement.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is one of three new coasters coming to a SeaWorld park in the spring. Arctic Rescue will open in SeaWorld San Diego, while Catapult Falls, billed as the steepest flume drop in the world, will open in SeaWorld San Antonio.

Annual passholders will get the first chance to ride all three.